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10 apps that will take your pictures to the next level!

In 2022, there is an app for everything. So, when it comes to photos, you definitely need something which can make your pictures pop. Gafencu tried some of the free photo editing apps, and here are 10 that we loved, available both on Android and iOS. 

1. Afterlight

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu_afterlight
Every photo-savvy person has Afterlight on their phone. If you’re on the go and got no time to waste, this is the perfect photo editing app for quick and straight-forward editing. Designed with a simple interface and usability, paired with powerful and snappy tools it gives the look you want within seconds. Armed with 30 adjustment tools, 59 filters and 77 frames, Afterlight will step up your photo editing game. 

2. A Color Story

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu_a color story
Named ‘Best New App’ and ‘App of the Day’ by Apple, A Color Story lets you create fresh and unique photos (and videos) with filters that pop colours, 120 movable effects and advanced tools. Did we mention that its collection of 500 filters were designed by top photographers in the industry?

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3. Polarr

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu_polarr
Easily add creative touches on any photo in your gallery with a simple tap and slide. Polarr offers a wide selection of colors, tools and overlays as well as 100 free style backups and 120 preset styles for film emulations, this all-around creative photo editing app goes beyond the simple retouch and exposure adjustment. Ensure each picture is one of a kind! 

4. Wuta Camera

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu
Offering flawless K-beauty glam, Wuta Camera has quickly climbed the charts on both App Store and Playstore with over 200 million users worldwide. Powered with in-built facial enhancement features, the app comes with 20 other beauty editing functions to make you selfie-ready!

5. Prisma

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu_prisma
With 50 million downloads on the Playstore, Prisma is a highly ranked and an Editor’s choice app on both iOS and Android. Offering more than 500 creative filters to choose from and drawing tools to have fun with, this photo editing is apt to leash your inner Picasso or Dali.

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6. Foodie

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu_foodie

We all know the camera eats first and then the mouth. Foodie is a photo editing app designed specifically for food items, turning your simple breakfast or dinner plates from an average to awesome. Backed with 30 of the best filters specifically preset for food, this is a must-download for the sociable foodie!

7. Snapseed 

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu_snapseed
Don’t let one wrong shot ruin your album of memorable snapshots. Snapseed serves as a go-to app for all your image editing. Layer different effects, adjusting to the right exposure, apply HDR filters and colour correction, and create the perfect bokeh aesthetic — it can even replicate a double-exposure effect with a single tap.

8. Canva 

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu_canva
For that perfect IG Story template, this app is your best friend on-the-go. From creating templates for your feed and highlights to designing banners and business cards, Canva provides a wide variety of templates, adjustment tools and stock images to create a unique visual presence on your social media.

9. Fimo – Analog Camera

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu_fimo analog camera
Film photography fans will delight in having a collection of retro films handy in the palm of their hands. Having a variety of seven signature preset filters that recreate the dramatic aesthetics of a classic 35mm film. Although of its film collections are free, there are premium options that cost HK$8 to HK$15. 

10. Picsart

Top 10 must-try free photo editing filter apps gafencu_picsart
An Editor and sticker both fit into one photo editing app, Picsart can create collages of your favourite shots and allow you to customize and get creative with your images with its range of editing and drawing tools, as well as sticker collections for a quirky touch. 

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