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Stately Home: Luxury envelopes this 6,300sq.ft penthouse in Cyberport, Pok Fu Lam

Over the last two years, most of us in the city have kept ourselves safely grounded. While home interior trends have embraced minimalist aesthetics and influences from nature and wellness, there are those who have missed wallowing in the lap of luxury on vacation at five-star hotels. And if one sought to draw inspiration from a home that splendidly emulates the essence of lavish interiors and refined aesthetics, this 6,300sq.ft penthouse in Residence Bel-Air would fit the bill.


6,300sq.ft penthouse in Bel-Air dressed in designer upholstery and sumptuous marble tiles

Stretched over two storeys, the sleek abode is perched atop phase three of Cyberport’s massive residential complex, one of the most prestigious estates in the city and widely touted as the ultimate in luxury living. It boasts stunning architecture, vast interiors, gorgeous sky gardens and breathtaking panaromic ocean views.

Artful Interiors

The apartment is home to a successful semi-retired businessman, his spouse and two sons whose vision was to adopt the ethos of a luxury hotel. Realising this aspiration was interior designer Leslie Lam, Director of Primocasa, who walked us through its myriad high points.

gafencu-home-tour-luxury-living-6300-square-feet-penthouse-cyberport-pokfulam-hongkong-spiral-staircase (2)

A grand spiral staircase is made the focal point of the entryway

The introduction starts at the entrance, where we are greeted by a grandiose spiral staircase to the right and radiant glows of natural light and boundless ocean views that pour in through floor-to-ceiling windows. Astoundingly high ceilings and Italian marble floors dazzle in white, while the feature wall that runs along the side of the huge open-plan living area is plastered with sumptuous royal blue leather.

gafencu-home-tour-luxury-living-6300-square-feet-penthouse-cyberport-pokfulam-hongkong-spiral-living (2)

White marble floor and a blue feature wall echoes the color palate of the view outside

This combination of blue and white echoes the soothing shades of the ocean and sky beyond, infusing a sense of tranquillity to the space. Thus, the homeowner’s personality and taste can resonante through vibrant décor and bold details against a backdrop of purity and simplicity.

As an avid collector of art, he displays his sensibilities through an ever evolving and rotating display of works by artists from all over the world. “[Dipping into] this collection gave me a wider range of options to choose from when selecting pieces to highlight each area in the home,” says Lam. “For example, bold colours such as red and sculptural installations in copper and chromatic hues were used to contrast the simple whites and distinguish different zones.”


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The master bedroom is dressed in plush fabric feature wall and designer carpet and upholstery for a noble ambience.

Throughout the home, Fendi carpeting and furniture from Bentley Home and other luxury brands crafted in Italy reflect the master of the house’s penchant for stylish décor. Fixtures crafted by Lam and his talented team, meanwhile, such as the TV wall that separates the living and dining areas, and the display shelves in the study that perfectly frame the garden, add a regal touch. These elegant burnished black panels and splashes of champagne gold provide elegant contrast to the expanses of white marble.

gafencu-home-tour-luxury-living-6300-square-feet-penthouse-cyberport-pokfulam-hongkong-bathroom (2)

Marble tiles pave both levels of the home, including the bathroom floor and wall

In a recurring theme, marble tiles pave both levels of the home, including the bathrooms. However, within the more intimate dwellings of the home, wooden flooring is used to convey a warmer touch. At the couple’s request, the master bedroom resembles a hotel presidential suite, incorporating a plush azure fabric feature wall, as well as a blue carpet, upholstery and linen for a noble ambience.


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Stairway to Heaven


Measuring in 4.2 metres, high ceilings are a key attraction in this luxurious apartment

Reaching an incredible 4.2 metres, high ceilings are a key attraction of the apartment – a perk in Hong Kong reserved for the most luxurious of abodes. Taking full advantage of this architectural generosity, Lam emphasises the stature with false ceilings and golden steel trims that draw the eye and add perceived depth. A striking 1.8-metre Swarovski crystal chandelier that hangs above the round dining table also aptly underscores the immense height.


White marble is fitted into the spiral staircase, accentuated by black marble borders

Another clear highlight is the spiral staircase that seamlessly connects the duplex layout with matching premium white marble. Accentuated by black marble borders, it recalls the aesthetics of grand European hotels. Impressively fitted curved glass-panelled banisters flank the length of the steps. Lam describes this focal point as an art piece in its own right because of the time, effort and difficult technique required for its creation.

The team devoted almost a year to completing this one feature alone, a spectacular substitute for the narrow L-shaped staircase that originally stood next to the kitchen. Government approval had to be obtained for its construction, and each component had to be conceptualised, designed and finished to precise measurements. But the feat was worthwhile given the magnificent outcome.

Garden on High


A British-inspired cigar lounge with a fireplace offers the owner a respite from the bustle of the city

Further underlining the indulgence of lavish comfort under one roof are quiet recesses to enjoy daily pleasures. These include an idyllic green garden, where breakfast, the morning paper and glistening views of Waterfall Bay are often savoured, and a British-inspired cigar lounge with a fireplace.


A pair of hand-crafted display cabinets perfectly frame the garden outside

Bedecked with Italian furniture, verdant greenery and pristine white wooden floors that continue the aesthetics of the interior, the rooftop garden is undeniably the perfect, relaxed viewpoint to bask in the sun. But thanks to its westerly aspect, it is the evenings that offer the most resplendent scenery, an awe-inspiring display of pale tints of orange fading into the blue beyond. Thanks to the mass of windows along the width of the apartment, this gradient palette of the sun dipping into the horizon can be admired from all three bedrooms, too.


Breathtaking views of the ocean and sunset from the rooftop garden

Drawing inspiration from extravagant hotels, this home ticks all the boxes of a regal lifestyle. Embellished in rich colours, fitted with premium materials, dotted with designer upholstery, adorned with sophisticated art, and showcasing a majestic chandelier – here lies the epitome of luxe living.

(Text: Roberliza Eugenio; Photos: Primocasa Interiors Ltd.)


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