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Andante presents a trio art exhibition of Italian flair and imaginative design

Lifestyle expert in design furniture, lighting and decor, Andante showcases the ostensible collections of three talented Italian contemporary artists during Art Month.

Gafencu_Magazine_Andante_Matteo Negri_Ho Le Montagne Negli Occhi

Matteo Negri’s Ho Le Montagne Negli Occhi. Photo by Tony Luk

Having ventured into the art world fairly recently, Andante celebrated Art Month with a tribute to the legacy of Italian design within its Design Showcase venue located in the heart of Central during Art Basel week on May 21. Featuring Milan-born Matteo Negri and Federico Casati, as well as  Bali-based Alessio Ceruti in a riveting group exhibition elegantly staged within the 4,000sq.ft emporium in which guests were invited to explore the allusive, and often thought provoking, collections of pictorial and sculptural pieces on display.

Gafencu_magazine_Andante presents a trio art exhibition of Italian flair and imaginative design_matteo_Negri_l'ego

Matteo Negri’s L’ego. Photo by Tony Luk

Presenting pieces of Matteo Negri’s sculptural works from his L’Ego (Ego) series as well as pictorials from his Ho Le Montagne Negli Occhi (I have the mountains in my eyes) series. While the former, a Lego-shaped sculptural collection, revisits the inherent childlike ambitions of exploring creativity and individuality, the latter expresses the architectural type and impulses deriving from natural data through mixed-media pictorial displays.

Gafencu_magazine_art_Alessio Ceruti_a_new_shape

A New Shape by Alessio Ceruti. Photo by Tony Luk

Staying with sculptural creations, Alessio Ceruti’s newest project A New Shape opens eyes to new and compelling visions of the world around us by inserting everyday objects into different contexts – transforming them into unrecognizable shapes. A visual metaphor of the inevitable change over time and the heartening embrace of recreating new experiences and memories. 

gafencu_magazine_andante_exhibition_rael_apparante_Federico Casati_hong_kong_art

Reale-Apparente by Federico Casati. Photo by Tony Luk

Moving towards the captivating works of Federico Casati, the play of light and shadows in his Reale-Apparente (Real-Apparent) and Combinaziaoni (Combinations) series challenges the viewer’s perception of reality and the ambiguity of everyday experiences. The allusive pictorial presentations of geometries was constructed by superimposing a thin brass sheet on a monochrome background, of either the same colour or a tonal variation, in a variable distance to create a three-dimensional effect.

Gafencu_magazine_Andante presents a trio art exhibition of Italian flair and imaginative design

Andante’s The Design Showcase

The exhibition will continue to run until 30 June 2021 at The Design Showcase, Andante Hong Kong. Shop D, G/F, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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