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Wellness Watch: We Try Hong Kong’s First Solo Aquabike Studio

With summer nearing its end and outdoor pools and beaches beginning to close, it may seem like aquatic activities will dry out with it. However, those willing to go the extra mile to slim down with a splash will be thrilled to know that a private watery workout exists in Causeway Bay, thanks to Velocity Aquabike Studio.


Prior to our visit to Velocity, we had seen brief snaps of the studio across our social media platforms as fellow friends and colleagues displayed themselves peddling away while colourful bubbles swirled around them in a private Jacuzzi. Indeed, Velocity’s Jacuzzis are quite spectacular and resemble massive bathtubs – each one comes housed within a private cabin and gives its user a charming view of the neighbourhood that lies below its 14th-floor windows.

Certainly more modern and much more private than your typical aquacise class, the studio’s staff explained to us how they offer their customers a truly unique way to exercise via water with a French wellness experience where Jacuzzi spa technology is combined with cycling immersed in water. Totally psyched by the concept, we were ready to find out more about the benefits and what to expect during our first aquabike workout session.


Now inside the cabin-room waiting for the jacuzzi to be refilled (each tub is refilled with new ozone sterilised water for each user), Velocity’s staff explained further to us what advantages could be expected from our upcoming session. This, we learned, would not just be a typical calorie-burning workout as the Jacuzzis come with many more added benefits such as ozone-infused water to help detoxify the skin, vigorous jets massagers – a whopping 26 of them – to help boost blood and lymphatic circulation.

Eager to put the pedal to the metal, we chose our workout speed – opting for the middle as it was our first time on a jacuzzi bike, but not our first time doing aqua exercises – and then conveniently chose a television show via the bike’s iPad screen to keep us entertained throughout the workout.

aqua bike

During the 30-minute session, we found it’s easy to keep oneself motivated, as the digital screen before us displayed our RPM, number of calories burned and heart rate. About halfway through we opted to decrease the pressure of the jets as they caused a slight itch to our legs and our bottom was noticeably growing sorer from the seat. As the workout came to its end and the screen reported that we had cycled over 14km, we were delighted by how no tenderness appeared to be evident in our legs, something we’re certain we wouldn’t be able to say had we done the same workout on land. However, the next day our derrière appeared slightly bruised, but the discomfort was rather mild and was gone after two nights of sleep.

Thanks to the knowledgeable staff, relaxing environment – and of course – wholly fun and entertaining aquabikes, our experience at Velocity Studio is one we would recommend to those looking for alternative workout regimens and / or those who are not ready to let the summertime water vibes go.

Velocity Aquabike Studio, 14/F, Oliv, 15-21 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, (852) 110-44602

Text: Bailey Atkinson

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