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Art Next Expo 2021: A close focus on over 70 Hong Kong artists

If there is anything the last two trying years have proved, it is that art plays an ever more crucial role in times of change and adversity, and that the global pandemic had not dampened the determination and motivation of artistic talents in Hong Kong, Asia’s rising capital of art. Rather, it has demonstrated the pursuit for the arts and the focus and heightened interests in local artists are more prevalent than ever.

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Following a series of art months, the 2021 Art Next Expo arrives without hesitation to deliver its 4th Edition of Art next Expo and Art Next Artist Awards, an exciting 3-day affair that will provide a platform for artists, galleries, institutions and collectors to connect and be inspired.

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“Although the pandemic has impacted global economy, the international art market continues to show strong signs of recovery, and we are particularly excited to see that more and more Hong Kong collectors are interested in the works of local artists”, said Ms. Judy Inn, Director of Art Next, “We believe art lovers will value the opportunity to meet the artists in person at the Expo.”

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Set to open its doors on 8 October until 10 October at the Lanson Place, Causeway Bay, visitors can expect to delight in an immersive and interactive three-day art fair that will showcase over 70 artists in three series:

Art Next Artists Series:
Providing young and emerging talents of diverse styles, mediums and backgrounds an opportunity to compete for the Art Next Artist Awards, the winner of the competition will be granted a 3-month sponsored residence programme by Taipei Artist Village.

The winner will be selected by a panel of artists and art scholars, such Professor Tang Hoi Chiu, Professor TANG Hoi Chiu, Adjunct Professor of Academy of Visual Arts at The Baptist University of Hong Kong;; art collector and artist Mrs. Celcilia Cheung; renowned Chinese ink painter Mr. He Baili; renowned artist and curator Dr. Tang Ying Chi among many others.

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Diversity Series:
Presenting the latest works by six embroidery artists that integrate diverse and contemporary motifs and themes into this traditional medium, exploring the limit of embroidery art as a form of art expression and fostering its appreciation by the public. This engaging exhibition is organized by Jun Enterprise, an organization dedicated to promoting embroidery art. Besides embroidery art, the Diversity Series also features contemporary ink works, geometric paintings, leather painting and artworks related to cheongsam (traditional Chinese costume).

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Special Project Series – Next+ :
Next Mart is a fun thematic exhibition co-curated by artists Angel Hui Hoi Kiu and KC Wong to showcase 80+ pieces of pop art and trendy art toys, including paintings, sculptures, and lifestyle goods, from 11 artists, and installations of immersive innovative multimedia works by graduates of prestigious universities.

To top it off, Art Next has specially curated the works of a group of celebrated local artists working in a variety of mediums, such as Chui Pui Chee, Aries Wu Chun Yin, Chan Sai Lok, Victor Chu Chi Kuen and Chung Wai Lun, who will showcase their latest works to visitors of the Expo.

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