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Luxury Choice: The hottest bags to see out the summer season

 While summer’s final days may be fleeting, now remains to be the prime time to catch a day at the beach or jet off for a last-minute getaway. With every girl needing a bag she can depend on to hold the essentials such as a camera, cosmetics and sunnies, these latest offerings from luxury brands such as Loewe, Stella McCartney and more – will help you carry out the last of the years sunnier days. august luxury handbags


Taking your image-capturing accessories game to a whole new level is Leica, with the venerable German camera manufacturer having now released its long-awaited leather photography add-ons collection. Designed to provide female photography fans with the most stylish protection for their compact cameras are the Protector and the Carrying Strap, which come in both bubblegum pink and light blue. Also available is the Leica Shopping Tote in baby blue, which has been handcrafted with Spanish leather and is limited to just 250 pieces.

august luxury handbags


Following its soft launch in China in June, luxury fashion house Loewe is releasing a special Hong Kong edition of its Postal bag collection later this month. The manufacturing of these limited purses was personally overseen by Jonathan Anderson, the brand’s highly rated and multi-award-winning creative director, ensuring the finish of these vibrant bags – all crafted from fine leather marquetry and displaying classic postcard images of major world cities – is nothing short of perfection. For those with a more mainland mindset, a special Beijing edition is scheduled to be released on a limited basis in early September.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Continuing its avowed mission to create memorable accessories with sustainable materials and iconic styles, renowned Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo has released its 42 Degrees capsule collection, conceived by two of its foremost young, up-and-coming designers – Flavia Corridori and Luciano Dimotta. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s 1938 Rainbow sandal, the collection showcases four unique accessories – men’s and women’s sneakers, a backpack and a shopping bag, all of which feature multicoloured ribbons, Gancini metal accessories and sustainable materials.

august luxury handbags

Montblanc X Bape

Teaming up to create a limited collection of camouflage-printed luxury leather accessories, Germany’s Montblanc and Japan’s A Bathing Ape have delivered Montblanc X Bape – a range of business bags and accessories boasting strong aesthetics and indisputable functionality. The two real stand-outs of the collection are the MONTBLANC X BAPE limited-edition Sartorial wallet 6cc, consisting of six card compartments and two cash compartments, and the MONTBLANC X BAPE limited-edition Sartorial slim document case, which measures a truly capacious 39cm x 7cm x 27cm.


Stella McCartney

Unveiling its Beatles-inspired All Together Now campaign, Stella McCartney, the British luxury lifestyle brand founded by Beatle Paul’s daughter, is indeed the best-placed marque to mark the band’s enduring legacy and, in particular, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their classic animated film, Yellow Submarine. In line with this, the collection takes much of its inspiration from the film’s many memorable motifs, with each piece being crafted with eclectic embroidery, while being resolutely vegetarian in construction. As a result, Fab Four fans young and old can opt for a psychedelic look, courtesy of the collection’s kidswear, menswear and womenswear.


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