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Avo-lutely Delicious: Beloved British Avobar opens in K11

In 2017, Australian millionaire Tim Gurner caused quite a stir when he suggested that millennials would be more financially secure if they could just stop spending their money on avocado brunches. Thankfully, Gurner’s advise was largely ignored, with countless new eateries featuring avocado-fronted fare continuing to crop up across the globe. The latest of these is British-based avocado restaurant Avobar, which has opened its doors in K11 Musea, making Hong Kong its first international outpost.


Indeed, there isn’t a dish on offer at Avobar that comes without the ridiculously popular and healthy green fruit, as patrons can choose from smashed, mashed, sliced and diced plates ranging from from pasta, burgers, desserts and even avo-infused cocktails. Liana Kazaryan, owner of Avobar spoke to us during our tasting, explaining that her team wasn’t merely trying to build up a restaurant, but a lifestyle of healthy and positive choices.


Undoubtedly our favourite dish of the day was the Avo Bun Burger, nestled a sweet potato and red lentils between the avocado bun slices. Despite its deliciousness, though, holding onto the burger proved difficult when even the slightest grasp from our fingers had the buns sliding awry. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong-exclusive dish Pasilla & Mushroom Risotto provided us with a more than generous helping of miso zuke cod, while the risotto below it was creamy and rich. When it came time for dessert, the Choc Avo Brownie a fitting end-note, though those with a strong sweet tooth may be left craving something a tad sweeter. Regardless, Avobar proferred some truly unique and delicious interpretations of avocado-inspired dishes, affording those seeking a healthier diet with plenty to choose from. 

Avobar, Shop B201, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Text: Bailey Atkinson

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