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10 Steps to light, natural make-up this summer

With the summer’s gaze firmly upon us, we set aside the heavy foundation and thick contours in favour of a more lightweight, natural glow. Curating a trusty line up of light make-up essentials from the most coveted cosmetic brands of the season, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to achieve that effortless no-make-up make-up look that will serve picture-perfectly for a day out in the sun.

Step 1: Primer

beauty-ten-steps-light-natural-make-summer-gafencu-Dior-Airflash-Radiance-Mist-Primer-Setting-Spray (2)

(Photo courtesy of Sephora)

To create the perfect natural look, begin with spraying on French luxury house Dior’s three-in-one AirFlash Radiance Mist Primer & Setting Spray. A brand technique for all its runway shows, this will prep, set and refresh your make-up to last through the day.

Using a micro-diffusion method to create light-enhancing pigments, the AirFlash Radiance Mist is available in two translucent shades to suit fair or deep skin tones. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid to give the complexion a radiating glow while boosting the skin’s natural hydration. Simply shake and spray.

Step 2: Foundation


(Photo courtesy of Sephora)

A good foundation will make or break any au naturel look. That is why we’ve turned to cruelty-free cosmetics brand Hourglass to smoothen our skincare qualms with its Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. Ultra-light and waterproof, it’s the perfect long-wearing base for a day out on the deck or at the beach.

Not only does it give the skin 12 hours of natural full coverage, it blends perfectly with any skin type, whether normal, dry, oily or combination, by adjusting to body temperature – blending in seamlessly with the wearer’s natural complexion. Available in a wide range of shades that can be used as contour and highlight, it also serves as an ideal alternative for a vegan and gluten-free option.

Step 3: Concealer


(Photo courtesy of LookFantastic)

Next, dab on NYX Professional’s Makeup Bare with Me Concealer Serum. Although well under the price points of most luxury brands, when it comes to ingredients that are kind to the skin, you can rely on this cult American beauty brand to nourish the dermis.

Blended with tremella mushroom, cica and green tea, you can rest assured that this concealer won’t leave blotches of unflattering cakey patches on the skin with its lightweight and nourishing formula. Instead, it serves a dual purpose with a natural-looking, medium coverage and long-lasting hydration effect.

Step 4: Bronzer


(Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana)

The perfect summer look would not be complete without a little warmth and colour – that being a gentle blend of bronzer and highlighter to select areas of the face. Starting by applying the Solar Glow Universal Radiance Drops by the beauty arm of luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana.

Either mix into a moisturiser for a brighter illumination, dab it into your foundation for a luminous sun-kissed finish or blend it directly onto the skin for an effortless glow. Thanks to the brand’s Mediterranean Glow Complex and the antioxidant effects of its Vitamin E-rich formula, you can enjoy a light-weight and gentle all-day hydration and “bare skin” effect.

Step 5: Highlighter


(Photo courtesy of Sephora)

Moving on to the highlighter, we focus on the Positive Light Liquid Luminizer from pop star Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty cosmetic line. Treating the skin to a silky smooth and light liquid highlighter that creates lasting soft and luminous finish, this dynamic formula is packed with light-reflecting pearl particles and a botanical blend of lotus, gardenia and white water lily for a weightless, dewy glow that mixes well in any foundation. Just apply a modest two-dot dab wherever you need an extra shine.

Step 6: Blush


(Photo courtesy of LookFantastic)

To add a natural flush to the cheeks, dab on American beauty brand Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Colour for Cheeks and Lips. It offers a lightweight, creamy formula that boasts effortless application. Buildable, bendable and balm-like, whether you’re looking to swipe on a soft flush or add a vibrant pop of colour, its four satin-finish shades will do just the trick.

Step 7: Eyeshadow


(Photo courtesy of Shiseido)

Shifting our attention to the eyes, we’ve put the Summer Unrated Eyeshadow Palette by French cosmetics brand NARS at the top of our list for its sensual and buildable superfine micronised blush pigments that the brand claims will ensure an irresistibly soft and blendable application. Complete with a range of matte, shimmer and glitter swatches to play with, whether you’re swiping on a sun-kissed gaze to lounge by the pool or adding some drama to the lids for an evening party, its 16-shade palette will serve you all the looks you desire for any occasion.

Step 8: Eyeliner

beauty-ten-steps-light-natural-make-summer-gafencu-chanel eyeliner

(Photo courtesy of Chanel)

To give the eyes a little more volume, trace the outline of the eyelids with the Signature De Chanel Stylo Eyeliner Pen by luxury house Chanel. It provides an intense and waterproof formula for the ultimate all-day wear at the beach or out in the ocean. Its ultra-soft brush applicator seamlessly glides along the base of the lashes, which is made even easier and more versatile with its tapered tip.

Step 9: Lipstick


(Photo courtesy of Laura Mercier)

No make-up routine is ever complete without a tint to the lips. Finish your natural look with a peachy or rosy pout by gliding on a layer or two of French beauty firm Laura Mercier’s 24-hour moisturising Lip Glacé. Nourishing the lips with a formula rich in natural ingredients, such as rose extract and anti-oxidant primrose oil, you can rest assured that this sumptuous gloss will soothed your lips and keep them supple throughout the day.

Step 10: Setting Spray


(Photo courtesy of Sephora)

For a freshing final step to the round out the entire process, spray on Dior’s AirFlash Radiance Mist Primer & Setting Spray once more to lock in your flawlessly done make-up. This will keep your skin hydrated and your complexion glowing with a youthful radiance and dewy finish. Just follow these simple steps for a more minimalist routine and a more natural you this summer.


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