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Bespoke Perfumes to make your day scentsantional

Bespoke Perfumes to make your day scentsantional

Aromas have an unusually powerful role when it comes to unlocking our memories. As a result, it is more than possible to deliberately deploy them as a means of commemorating particularly significant life events and underlining their importance. Just ask anyone who has bought and worn a unique, personally selected scent at a specific point in their life and they will inevitably assure you that such a favoured fragrance always comes with a distinct whiff of nostalgia.

A Scent, indeed, has the power to transport us and recapture the emotional significance of time gone by. For particularly momentous occasions, it is often important to opt for a scent with direct emotional appeal, a scent that forever afterward can transport you back to that special day, allowing you to relive that formative experience many times over the course of a lifetime.

In the case of Hong Kong’s most evocative perfume brands, they have a long and noble heritage, while the artistry behind their formulation has never stopped evolving. From choosing just the right scent profile for a special event to committing to a signature everyday fragrance, there are, however, a number of guiding principles it more than pays to be aware of.

Exquisite options
Overall, it’s best not to be too preoccupied with passing fads or limited seasonality when selecting a scent. Instead, it’s always best to opt for something that truly reflects just who you are. This could be something you already see as your signature, a wholly new scent or indeed, a combination of the two when in doubt.

In the latter instance, the beauty of layering aromas is that it tailors a signature scent, inevitably adding a twist of something new. John Paulo, the founder of Artisenses, has long been a master of this particular process. When it opened its doors in 2014, his company was Asia’s first professional provider of customised, innovative scent solutions.

His team prides itself on delivering memorable guest experiences, frequently creating bespoke luxury scents for events such as weddings, where the bride and groom, as well as the guests, all get to create their own fragrances. The company’s Scent Bar is geared to letting clients create scents specific to any event’s theme, while also facilitating any required collaboration with many well-known perfume brands.

Rebel smell
Evoking a designated mood is, of course, always something of a priority. From its name and apparent positioning alone, is clear that, in this regard, Esscentric – Perfume for Rebels, courtesy of Jodie Chan, is very much targeting a somewhat bolder client base. Generally, people use perfumes to silently announce their personalities, with stronger scents betokening certain maturity and sensuality, making them ideal for celebrations of a more romantic one. This is very much the case with Chan’s perfume line, which is specifically dedicated to people who work hard all day and play hard all night.

Expanding on her perfume-for-partygoers- approach, Chan says: “Esscentric’s perfume oils will keep you fresh, alert and irresistible. They are intimate and subtle. You can stay balanced when everyone in the world is going crazy.

“Basically, I make perfume for rebels, those who won’t stand for the synthetic products available on the general market, those who want something different and original and who embrace their age, while seldom revealing the exact number.”

Packaged in a customised leather holster with a detachable chain, these perfumes double as fashion statements. In order that they can be always to hand, they can be chained to belt loops or even worn around the neck.

The right mix
Of course, in particular, everyone desires a product that works with their unique body chemistry, something that never smells the same on two different people (largely because the pH level of each individual’s skin has an impact on how a perfume will be experienced). This is why the best body areas to spray fragrances on are pulse points, such as the neck or wrist, both of which tend to give off considerable heat. There is also a reason why certain perfumes are formulated specifically for men or women – the different chromosomes of the two sexes.

Weather is also something to consider, especially in Hong Kong where the humidity can be almost as high as 100%. In such an instance a good bet would be Parisine, a unisex fragrance collection suitable for a variety of wardrobe options, which integrates the aromas of several century-old classic French perfume houses, including such legendary and iconic brands as Nogara and D’ORSAY. At its scent bar, perfumiers are typically on hand to help craft a custom fragrance for daily use and special occasions. Taking into account an individual’s personal style, they aim to recommend the optimal scent, complete with a range of base and boost notes.

Before wearing any new scent to a high profile occasion, try it out for a few days to ensure you have a good connection with it. This gives you the chance to reassess your impression of the fragrance for its longevity.

It’s also crucial that any smell you’re wearing makes you feel confident and at ease. While many tend to gauge a new fragrance through the reactions of others, this, however, may not be the most reliable of indicators, given the likelihood that most commentators will favour politeness over the possibility of giving offence. Ultimately, you have to stay true to yourself and rely on your common sense when it comes to personal scents.


Text: Joseff Musa

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