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Bloomin’ Marvellous: A cornucopia of spring-inspired jewelleries

As cool weather gives way to warmer climes and the seductive scent of spring begins to emerge, it’s time to turn our attention once more to that most consistently alluring of seasonal trends – floral jewellery.

Indeed, Mother Earth has long inspired the leading haute joaillerie maisons of the world, leading to the creation of some truly stunning garden-themed creations – Chopard’s decadent Red Carpet Collection 2021 choker and the Manhattan Party necklace by Bulgari, to name but two.

It would be folly, however, to assume that such flower-inspired jewellery has only recently become in vogue. Indeed, such adornments date back to many ancient civilisations, and have traditionally been worn in such elaborate ceremonies as Indian weddings. More recently, this trend has been adopted by the West, with summer brides opting for veils adorned with floral headpieces in a bohemian chic style.

Today, however, the floral fad is used not just for weddings but for every imaginable occasion, great or small. What’s more, they come in a riot of hues, shapes and sizes, making them just the perfect addition be it to subtly enhance your outfit of the day or grab attention at your chosen soiree.

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