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All About Bob: 5 fascinating Bob Dylan facts that you probably never knew

It’s no secret that Bob Dylan has dominated the music industry for nigh on half a century, influencing an entire generation of music lovers and musician wannabes. And yet, he remains an elusive figure whose life choices and musical leanings have incited as many detractors as fans. To honour our Celebrity of the Month, here are five fascination Bob Dylan facts you’ve probably never even heard of.

Bob Dylan is our celebrity of the month

A week’s silence

When Elvis Presley passed away on 16 August 1977, his death affected Bob Dylan so greatly that he went dumb for an entire week. In his own words, he says: “I went over my whole life. I went over my whole childhood. I didn’t talk to anyone for a week after Elvis died. If it wasn’t for Elvis and Hank Williams, I couldn’t be doing what I do today.”

Bob Dylan facts - His 1970 Self Portrait album is fronted by his own artwork

Bob Dylan’s 1970 album, Self Portrait, is actually fronted by his own artwork

Artistic endeavours

In addition to being one of the best-selling musicians of all time­ – he’s sold well over 100 million records worldwide – Dylan is published six books of paintings and drawings, and has had his artwork exhibited in several major art galleries. The cover of his 1970 album Self-Portrait actually features his own painting.

Bob Dylan facts - He's a film director

Dylan co-wrote, directed and starred in the 1978 movie Renaldo and Clara

Lights, camera, action

As if music and art weren’t enough to occupy him, Bob Dylan tried his hand at film making. His directorial debut was 1978’s Renaldo and Clara, a lengthy 235-minute movie featuring a blend of fiction, documentary-style video and concert footage.

 Bob Dylan facts - he got The Beatles hooked on pot

Beatles’ high

According to Bob Spitz, a biographer for The Beatles, it was actually Bob Dylan who first got the British band hooked marijuana when he offered them a joint upon being introduced to them in 28 August, 1964.

 Bob Dylan facts - He was a frat boy in college before pursuing a career in music

Frat brother

Before making it big as a musician in New York City, Dylan first attempted a college education at University of Minnesota. While he dropped out after only one year, he still found the time to pledge the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity.


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