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Buccellati unveils gorgeous, geometrically inspired new Mini Rombi Collection

For over a century now, Italian haute joaillerie label Buccellati consistently wowed the world’s high jewellery aficionados with its masterful handcraftsmanship and stunning gemstone designs. The latest chapter of this story now unfolds in the form of its all-new Mini Rombi Collection. 

Buccellati Mini Rombi Collection 3

A new and refreshingly minimalist take on the brand’s iconic Rombi line, the Mini Rombi Collection transforms those emblematic designs into comfortable yet undeniably chic everyday-wear creations, without ever once eschewing on painstaking attention to detail or reducing the effect it has on wearers and viewers alike. 

Buccellati Mini Rombi Collection 2

The dominant motif of this collection is the use of unique geometric elements to enhance the gemstones on every piece. Take, for instance, the ‘20s-era rhomboidal lozenges, calling to mind the intricacies and beauty of ancient Persian tapestry. 

Buccellati Mini Rombi Collection

From rings to pendants to earrings, every piece of Buccellati’s Mini Rombi Collection is a work of art, blending old and new in a wholly appealing fashion. An eye on flexibility is also inherent here, with the designs coming in either white or yellow gold to suit your mood, all, of course, embellished with a glittering array of sparkling diamonds. 

Buccellati Mini Rombi Collection 4

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