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Bulgari Man Wood Neroli explores the bond between man and nature

Man has forever been pitted against nature, with the bounty of nature seen as ever-shrinking to give space to the onward march of civilisation. But it doesn’t need to be “man vs nature”, it should rather be “man with nature”, working together in harmony to nurture and protect…

It is exactly this  message that Italian luxury marque BVLGARI propagates through its new Bulgari Man Wood Neroli. Using the earth’s natural aromas, BVLGARI’s Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas creates a sensory experience that keeps the modern man grounded and creates a subtle balance between mankind and the elements. The fragrance uncovers man’s true nature, reconnecting him with his fundamental spirit.

Channelling the vitality of the sun, the sea and the Mediterranean shrubs, Bulgari Man Wood Neroli opens with notes of brilliant neroli. Fresh and floral, its citrusy essence is inflected with salt and bergamot to conjure up the ambience of the Mediterranean climes. The scent’s heart notes reflect cedar and cypriol bathed in orange blossom – warm and woody, just like the earth it pays homage to. The fragrance is anchored by white musk accords that are a BVLGARI signature. Gentle, sensual and crystalline, it trails luxurious imprints on the body, just like a second skin.

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