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Tee Time – The 6 new rules changing the old landscape of golfing

Golf is suddenly more accessible and open to a broader demographic than ever before. In Hong Kong, there are a number of factors that have driven the sport’s reinvention, notably a new generation of approachable pro players, the involvement of several modish brands and a move to make courses less off-putting and more welcoming.

2023-01-27T11:36:07+00:00 January 27, 2023|Lifestyle|

From a Disney newbie to a Grammy winner, Olivia Rodrigo is now a bona fide superstar

At the tender age of just 19, you might be forgiven for thinking Olivia Rodrigo would be just getting to grips with widespread fame and international recognition. The American-Filipina songstress exudes such confidence and poise, however, that she inevitably comes across as a seasoned veteran, one quite au fait with global renown. Indeed, Rodrigo has embraced her celebrity status with a maturity that truly belies her age and the rapidity of her rise to  worldwide acclaim.

2023-01-19T12:17:08+00:00 January 19, 2023|Entertainment, Lifestyle|

De-Stress to Impress

Covid, its consequences and many of the related containment measures saw anxiety levels peak on a pretty much global basis. Now, as we tentatively enter the post-pandemic era, it is a good time to assess your stress and work out just how to get out from under it. One technique that many have found beneficial is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

2023-01-13T12:03:57+00:00 January 13, 2023|Lifestyle, Wellbeing, wellness|

Trim Some – Top 4 High-end Hong Kong Chaps’ Haircutters

An essential part of the art of looking good is feeling good. In fact, if you don’t factor each of the elements in, you’re always going to score poorly by both metrics. It’s also true that you won’t feel good if you’re poorly groomed. While you can decant yourself into the snazziest of duds, if your skin is pallid and blotchy, your signature scent is distinctly Body O’Dour and, most especially, if your follicles are less artfully arranged than a blind man’s stamp album, you’re not going to be the belle of any ball.

2023-01-12T12:14:16+00:00 January 12, 2023|Bespoke, Lifestyle|