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From a Disney newbie to a Grammy winner, Olivia Rodrigo is now a bona fide superstar

At the tender age of just 19, you might be forgiven for thinking Olivia Rodrigo would be just getting to grips with widespread fame and international recognition. The American-Filipina songstress exudes such confidence and poise, however, that she inevitably comes across as a seasoned veteran, one quite au fait with global renown. Indeed, Rodrigo has embraced her celebrity status with a maturity that truly belies her age and the rapidity of her rise to  worldwide acclaim.

2023-01-19T12:17:08+00:00 January 19, 2023|Entertainment, Lifestyle|

Happily Trevor After – From a nobody to the most talked-about TV host in the US

His once upon a time started when he was born on 20th February 1986 in South Africa which was finally beginning to wake up from the long nightmare of apartheid. Few would have thought that Trevor Noah would one day go on to host one of the highest-rated satirical shows in the US. Nor could many have foreseen that his recently announced departure from that programme – The Daily Show – would fuel a slew of rumours and incite seemingly endless media speculation as to what he – and the show he left behind – would do next.

2022-12-28T11:56:05+00:00 December 28, 2022|Entertainment, Lifestyle|

Anya Taylor-Joy’s stratospheric rise to stardom

Rewind to some 10 years back and Anya Taylor-Joy was just another aspiring actress looking for a big break. Today, though, she’s widely acknowledged as one of the hottest leading ladies in Tinseltown, with an impressive CV that covers everything from horror films (2015’s The Witch, and M Night Shyamalan’s Split a year later), to the eponymous leading role in Jane Austen’s Emma.

2022-11-14T11:59:01+00:00 November 14, 2022|Entertainment|