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Papillionaire’s Row – Tseung Kwan O’s Papillions’ development combines absolute luxury with homeliness

To live in a home of undeniable beauty and unquestionable comfort is the aspiration of many and one that does necessarily entail occupying an immense palace, complete with a grand hall and sundry ornate trappings. In fact, it is the intelligent use of a space customised to the precise needs of residents that is now most prized among many home-hunters, with small, wellthought-out details and an active embodiment of the owner’s personal aesthete seen as something of a bonus.

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Welcoming Wellness

Varaschin Wellness therapy is a collection designed to redefine the experience of relaxation with a holistic sensory engagement. It is designed by the architect Alberto Apostoli, one of the most recognized designers in the field of wellness at an international level.

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Explore this truly peak penthouse reinvented by the Grande Interior Studio

Arguably, the only thing more coveted than a peaceful, secure home is a peaceful, secure, luxury home with every creature comfort you can think of. Somewhere like one particular Tai Po penthouse mansion perhaps, a remarkable residence tucked away in the supremely spacious Kau To Shan area. Distinctly European style in design and décor, the house is eminently elegant, sophisticated and cosy, attributes that are immediately evident to anyone who steps inside.

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Grande Elegance

Grande Studio is a renowned interior design and construction company in Hong Kong, Providing customized designs from layout replanning to construction, their design approach is of high-end minimalism, aiming to build sanctuaries that realizes their client's dreams.. Gafencu was in conversation with Matthew Li, The creative director of Grande Interior to get insights on the design scene in Hong Kong.

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Moneyopolis- which Metropolis has more mega-rich residents than any other place in the planet?

Much has been said and lists have been created by numerous groups and publications with their own ranking of which city tops other cities in terms of its Gross Domestic Product, number of millionaires and all other varying elements. In a city like Hong Kong, where any house and estate owner can easily be considered a millionaire due to the high property and land rate, we take it a notch higher and count the billionaires in these cities instead. The high-net-worth people or the “individuals with net assets of USD $1 billion or more”, or the billionaires who reside in these cities on the list, were taken into account.

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Bespoke Perfumes to make your day scentsantional

Aromas have an unusually powerful role when it comes to unlocking our memories. As a result, it is more than possible to deliberately deploy them as a means of commemorating particularly significant life events and underlining their importance. Just ask anyone who has bought and worn a unique, personally selected scent at a specific point in their life and they will inevitably assure you that such a favoured fragrance always comes with a distinct whiff of nostalgia.

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