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The Natural Wonders of Kashmir sat amid the mighty Himalayas

Scenic, captivating and cradled high in the mighty green Himalayas, Kashmir’s all-but-celestial beauty has assumed almost mythical proportions. Replete with snow-capped mountain peaks, lush green valleys, glistening lakes, breathtaking meadows and spectacular Mughal-era architecture, it is a magnificently landscaped valley. It is no wonder that this poet-inspiring paradise has long been deemed India’s crowning glory.

2022-12-05T12:17:43+00:00 December 05, 2022|Travel|

Moneyopolis- which Metropolis has more mega-rich residents than any other place in the planet?

Much has been said and lists have been created by numerous groups and publications with their own ranking of which city tops other cities in terms of its Gross Domestic Product, number of millionaires and all other varying elements. In a city like Hong Kong, where any house and estate owner can easily be considered a millionaire due to the high property and land rate, we take it a notch higher and count the billionaires in these cities instead. The high-net-worth people or the “individuals with net assets of USD $1 billion or more”, or the billionaires who reside in these cities on the list, were taken into account.

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The Togean Islands- home to a host of exotic sea creatures

Set in the Pacific, just south of the equator and at the heart of the Gulf of Tomini, is one of Indonesia’s best kept secrets - the Togean islands. A collection of about 60 islands and 37 villages located adjacent to the larger island of Sulawesi, the Togeans are home to a rich diversity of marine and land-bound life

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