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CDMF Carol Singing Festival raises city’s spirits for a good cause

The 10th successful iteration of the Child Development Matching Fund (CDMF)’s annual Carol Singing Festival came to a rousing close as students from the prestigious Harrow International School sang at the One International Finance Centre (IFC) Concourse this month. 

CDMF Carol Singing Festival

The event, which aims to raise awareness and funds for the problems faced by underprivileged youth across the city, saw over HK$100,000 raised for CDMF through the youth performance. 

In addition, in the wake of the months-long troubles that have gripped the Fragrant Harbour, the young singers also expressed their love and support for the people of Hong Kong through their vocal talents.

This year, the choir was organised and directed by Christy Yung, a high school student from Harrow International School, along with her classmates ‒ Natalie Tsz and Sammie Zhangas. The 20-student-choir performed seven Christmas carols. 

Apart from spreading strong and meaningful messages, the troop did not fail to emphasise on the spirits of Christmas through this event.

CDMF is a charity group that encourages people to invest on matters that will aid the future generations. They believe that “inter-generational poverty” is one of the most significant problems in Hong Kong. 

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