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Time to Give: A charity art auction by Robert Lam and Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation


In line with the season for contemporary arts, Time to Give is a collaborative charity art auction between renowned photographer and artist Robert Lam and the Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation.

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Hosted by Robert Lam at his eclectic art-filled office-cum-showroom, about 30 vibrant contemporary artworks will be exhibited throughout the venue for the charity art auction organised by Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation. It will be a rare glimpse into the imaginative world of Robert Lam and his artistic voyage. 

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No. 2. Title: Eve apple (915x1220mm)

Unlike the stylistic photography of Lam’s earlier works, he now delves into combining photo technique and digital system. The idea behind the collection is to combine basic art theory with numeric digital technique, and merging photography and painting together in exploring colours and movements.


Robert Lam next to art piece No. 1. Title: Sunday (1210x1510mm)

“The opportunity was a very nice surprise”, Lam says. A few months ago, after having created several pieces within the collection, Lam was looking for someone to give the artworks to. “Coincidentally, I met with Professor Alice Chiu, a very good friend of mine, and we had started to discuss doing collaborative work for her Sheen Hok Charity Foundation. The title of the charity art auction is Time to Give and I am prepared to give”, explains Lam. 

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No.13. Title: Famous Singer (1200x900mm)

The charity art auction will welcome a community of star-studded guests and the city’s creme dela creme of the high society art lovers, including Professor Chiu’s personal friends and supporters of the Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation.

art-auction-fundraiser-timetogive-robertlam-alicechiu-sheenhokcharitablefoundation-hongkong (5)

No. 5. Title: Flower Dance (915x1220mm)

The art pieces are specifically for the charity art auction Time to Give. The money raised will go to Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation to help Hong Kong special education students and their families under the The Sheen Hok Rising Sun Project.

art-auction-fundraiser-timetogive-robertlam-alicechiu-sheenhokcharitablefoundation-hongkong (6)

No.14. Title: Art Deco (915x1220mm)

“I was so excited and happy when I heard that Robert was looking to give his art pieces to someone. I really needed the support from different sectors, companies and friends. In fact, some of my friends have been supporting me to help the youth in need. In addition to providing medical assistance, I hope to improve them in education and art and increase professional training, so that they will have skills to improve family incomes in the future. I think this is the right way and right direction for our foundation to contribute to society”, says Professor Chiu. “There are many people who require our help that I believe charity services will never end. I will not consider stopping, and it will never be enough.”


The private viewing will be held at the Robert Lam Colour – Photobition on 16 & 17 August 2022. All 30 art pieces within the collection will then go to auction the following day on 18 August. 


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About Robert Lam 



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Robert Lam, Photographer and contemporary artist

Robert Lam has had a prolific career in fashion photography with some of Hong Kong’s most famous celebrities, as well as a few selective international stars. He is now a successful entrepreneur and founder of major printing studio RobertLam Color – Photobition. He spends his leisure time exploring the combination of photography, digital art and oil painting, while still enjoying an active lifestyle in music, gastronomy and exercise. 

About Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation


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Professor Alice, Chiu Tsang Hok Wan, Founder of Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation

Established in 1994 by Professor Alice, Chiu Tsang Hok Wan, Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation has been helping people in need by providing medical and educational support, as well as broadening her charitable services to different areas including Amblyopia treatment for children in China, health care services for the elderly, cleft lip and palate surgery, and more. The Sheen Hok Rising Sun Project serves Hong Kong’s special education children born in low-income familied with free treatment to reduce economic pressure and treatment waiting time.

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