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Natural Brews: Seven Chinese herbal teas that soothe the body and soul

Buzz-worthy cocktail lounges and sophisticated wine bars may dominate the city’s beverage market, but there is, in fact, a wholly different type of brew that locals flock to and imbibe on when in search of some much-needed rejuvenation. We speak, of course, of traditional Chinese herbal teas, holistic tipples that are based on centuries-old recipes that offer natural remedies for anything from the common cold to detoxifying the liver and relieving stress or pain. Known to locals as leung cha (which translates to “cooling tea”), these useful cuppas are known for aiding in balancing the body’s heat, and are imbued with medicinal properties that work beyond the scope of Western medicine. Below are some top sellers that have long been lauded for their healing capabilities. 

Herbal Teas for the Soul Seven medicinal teas that will serve you well gafencu wine traditional chinese medicine (2)

Image: Mezoom2 via flickr

1. Heal-All Tea (夏枯草):
Prunella Vulgaris, also known as the ‘heal-all plant’, is a herbaceous plant that possesses healing properties that help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Its sweet flavour makes for an easy entry-level tea for those interested in starting a habit of drinking Chinese herbal teas.
Benefits: Detoxifies the body, reduces internal heat, improves vision, soothes swelling and headaches.

2. Five Flower Tea (五花茶):
Brewed with five types of medicinal flowers, its main purpose is to keep the digestive tract healthy. Though recipes varies from shop to shop, it often includes flowers such as kapok, kudzu, prunella vulgaris, or heal-all plan.
Benefits: Keeps digestive tract healthy, soothes sore throat and reduce inflammation

Herbal Teas for the Soul Seven medicinal teas that will serve you well gafencu wine traditional chinese medicine

3. Twenty-Four Flavour Tea (廿四味):
As its name states, this tea is made with 20 types of herbs. It is not as easy to swallow as the other teas because of its dull bitterness, but it does packs a punch of health benefits, especially for those who are acne-prone or enjoy eating fried or spicy food.
Benefits: Relieve sore throats and common cold symptoms, alleviate certain skin problems, cools down and balances the body’s heat, detoxifies the body and reduces bloating.

4. Chicken Bone Grass (雞骨草):

Made with chicken bone grass and candied dates, this dark herbal tea is bitter with a sweet aftertaste. Because of its natural bitterness, it is typically brewed with liquorice which gives it its palatable sweetness and makes it easier to drink. It is especially good for people who tend to smoke excessively, drink alcohol regularly or suffer from insomnia or stress.
Benefits: Improve digestion and liver function, clear dampness and phlegm, reduces bloating, detoxifies the body, improves liver function, relieve pain, stress and fatigue.

Herbal Teas for the Soul Seven medicinal teas that will serve you well gafencu wine traditional chinese medicine (3)

5. Fire Hemp Seed Tea (火麻仁):
Made from one of most essential traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, Hemp Seed, this nutty flavoured tea makes for a slightly sweet beverage that is suitable for any weather because of its neutral nature. It is known to be very nutritious and rich in protein, Vitamin E and mono-unsaturated fats which helps with digestion.
Benefits: Prevents constipation, improves digestion and bowel movements, promotes anti-ageing and reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

6. Monk Fruit Tea (羅漢果茶):
One of the most commonly brewed Chinese herbal teas is the monk fruit tea, a naturally sweet drink that is cool in nature. It is especially popular during the summer months for its refreshing effect on the body. Though this tea is quite sweet, it is low in carbs and calories.
Benefits: Cures sore throats and coughs, clears internal heat, clears dampness and lubricates the lungs

Herbal Teas for the Soul Seven medicinal teas that will serve you well gafencu wine traditional chinese medicine (8)

7. Chrysanthemum Tea (銀菊露)
Chrysanthemum tea is a fragrant flower-based tea that is boiled with honey and sugar cane. It is neutral in nature, making it a healthy beverage that is suitable any day of the year, without the need to relieve any particular symptom. It is also a light and sweet alternative to the other teas on the list. 
Benefits: Clears internal heat, detoxify and improves liver function, relives cold and flue symptoms and improves vision

Where to drink herbal tea:

Herbaceous Tea
Relatively new to the scene since opening in 2013, this modern outlet brews a variety of fine Chinese herbal teas by hand everyday at all of their shops around Hong Kong.

Good Spring Co.
This Chinese medicine shops in Central boasts an impressively large range of Chinese herbal teas. They’re most notably for their 24 herbs tea, sweet flower tea and American ginseng tea, all of which can be served hot or cold.

Sam Bat Mai Kudzu
This is one of the most well-known herbal tea stores in the city. Noteworthy of their recipes, locals flock to this Wan Chai shop for a much-needed herbal refreshment and detoxification. Customers can also try its famous Rorippa Indica (Yellowcress) tea.


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