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COLOURLIVING adds Wellness to its in-store offer

COLOURLIVING, the ultimate lifestyle curation brand, has launched a new pop-up store, one with a brief to help stylishly boost the health of high end Hongkongers. 

Set within its three-storey luxury retail space in downtown Wan Chai, this new Wellness Living concept has three distinct strands – special kitchen, customised tea and indoor pool.

Its singular take on the kitchen space has been designed, first and foremost, to make food preparation a fun and engaging experience for the whole family. With high aesthetic standards never compromised in the name of convenience, it’s a carefully-curated culinary enclave with great taste it’s clear mission statement.


As for the chosen tea, the lifestyle brand has opted to incorporate Hong Kong-based Lify’s award-winning brew dispenser brand. As high-tech as it is high-end, this distinctly digital age dispenser delivers superb quality herbal tea perfectly prepared in line with your pre-programmed preferences.


The indoor bathing facility – the evocatively titled Faraway Pool – somehow summons the sheer sensuality of an al fresco immersion, with its luxury KOS tub just the perfect ablution solution for the aspirationally inclined. Mood lighting and submerged shelving are also all available on the added extras menu. 


A fascinating and most welcome addition to COLOURLIVING’S core offerings, Wellness Living takes comfort, style and personal care to a whole new level.


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