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In Conversation with Seth Yeung: Hong Kong’s upcoming fashion designer

In Conversation with Seth Yeung: Hong Kong’s upcoming fashion designer

The DFA or the Design for Asia Awards, a flagship programme of the Hong Kong Design Centre, is a unique international platform that celebrates Asian design excellence and recognises outstanding design talent in the region. Covering four major design disciplines, the aim here is to propagate Asian values and perspectives in the sphere of innovation and design globally. The 2021 edition was held on 1 December at the newly opened M+ Museum in West Kowloon Cultural District. 

Gafencu caught up with Seth Yeung, a celebrated textile designer known for his quirky, unconventional line of knitwear, and  recognised in the Smart Young Design Talent Award category, to learn about his passion for artistry and innovation. The young local designer inherited his love for animals and creativity from his dexterous mother who would often knit outfits for their pets. 

Winners of the 2021 Smart Young Design Talent Award category, DFA

Your line of knitwear is modern, edgy and a bestseller. Where do you find inspiration?


As a designer I find inspiration in objects and moments around me. It’s often the most random of things which strike a chord. It could be a suggested video from YouTube, AI algorithm or even staring at an old rusted door frame. More than the object itself, what catches my attention is the colour, shape and the definition of the object. 

Your style is unique and experimental. What made you decide on using pet’s hair in your ‘So…close’ collaboration?

Seth Yeung (left) with one of his creations (right)

WOUF is a new innovative and award-winning start-up which recycles and repurposes pet hair into products. The relationship between the pet and its owner is protective and priceless. The company was struggling to find the right knitwear designer to launch their flagship collection when they randomly chanced upon the media coverage of one of my works. The rest is history. I had fun doing this project, I am a big animal lover and was so glad to add my luxury knitwear background into this brand and create something remarkable, creative and thoughtful.

You recently won a DFA award, how has it impacted your design career?

I’ve always followed this award since I graduated but never really got to applying in it. After the guidance of a feng shui master, I decided to enroll myself in this. I am very grateful to receive such a well-established and recognised award. It is a huge honour, one that comes with a huge opportunity to broaden my horizons.

(This post is in partnership with Hong Kong Design Centre which holds the Design for Asia Awards)


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