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A guide to post-Covid-19 vaccination do’s and don’ts

After more than a year long of social distancing and travel restrictions, Hongkongers can finally be more at ease now that Covid-19 vaccinations have been made accessible city-wide. However, whether you have taken your second dose or are still waiting on your first, there are certain precautions that are worth noting post-vaccination. Here are a few of the questions regarding what you can do and are advised not to do.

Do I need to wear a mask? 
Although getting vaccinated reduces the risk of virus transmission, it still takes two weeks to build up a resistance and you have to be fully vaccinated (two doses). Even then, it is not certain how much the vaccine reduces transmission. So, wearing a mask in public spaces, and continuing risk-reduction measures like washing hands regularly and social distancing in crowded spaces are still advisable.

Can I throw / attend a party? 
Gatherings among friends and family are much safer if every individual in the group has been fully vaccinated. In a recent press conference, it was announced that dine-in restrictions for groups will be relaxed if every member of the group and staff are fully vaccinated. 

Can I visit my elderly parents?
The months-long visiting restrictions imposed on visitors at elderly homes saw an unfortunate rise in mental health problems and a ‘loneliness epidemic’. Thankfully, it was recently announced that fully vaccinated persons will be able to visit their families in elderly homes and hospitals again. 

Can I visit families with children?
Although children of ages 16 and below are not advised to be vaccinated, as long as a person is fully vaccinated and are limiting gatherings to small groups, the risk of virus transmission is reduced and is generally safer.

Can I travel out of Hong Kong?
Restrictions on travel in the near future could include quarantine-free travel bubbles for fully vaccinated persons. However, as it stands in the meantime, persons arriving in Hong Kong still have to quarantine at a hotel for three weeks. 

In the case of China, travelling across the boarder will need strong reason and documentation, though taking a vaccine made in China will increase your chances of approval. 

Will I be immune to other variants of Covid-19 mutations?
A number of countries including United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa have reported mutated strains of the Covid-19 virus which has prompted the local government to consider its next steps in procuring a new generation of vaccines that will better protect the public from Covid-19 mutations, according to Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan.

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