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Steak, Soup or Stirfry: Which cuts of beef are best for your dish?

Choosing the right cut of beef to perfectly serve as the hero of a protein dish is a daunting challenge for even an experienced chef. But there’s no need to pine over the dilemma any longer as we’ve listed down which cuts of beef would best complement the dish you want…

For a steak
Two of the most popular cuts of steaks are tenderloin and ribeye.
Having a higher fat content and marbling which gives it its rich flavor,  ribeye is a tender and juicy prized cut at any steakhouse. Tenderloin, on the other hand (also known as Filet Mignon) has very little fat which explains its milder flavour to ribeye, but can still be very tender giving a deliciously soft and buttery texture.

For soup or corned beef
Locking in a distinctive umami flavour for a stock isn’t for the faint of heart — it requires time and patience. But with a beef brisket, a fattier and tougher cut of meat from the breast of the cow, a soup or curry dish could come out packed with a punch with deliciously tender and flavourful meat to melt in the mouth if it were slow-cooked at low temperatures, giving the proteins to break down. It also makes for a perfect corned beef!

For a stir-fry
The flank is often a tricky protein to cook because of its lean muscle fibres — a cut of meat that is easily overcooked. Though it marinates well, its best to fire it up over the grill at a high temperature, but only briefly to retain its moisture. It can be tough, if not cooked right, but offers as a nice protein for stir fry dishes or even to make ground beef. 

For a stew
The grounding essence of a stew is the flavour of the meat. Beef chuck, which is a shoulder cut, is lean cut of meat but is packed with flavour that is best extracted through time under low fire. Slow-cooking a beef chuck for stew, soup or a pot roast breaks down the meat without drying it out, giving the dish a distinctive tender and melt-in-your-mouth sensation. 

For a roast / barbecue
Beef ribs are thicker cuts of meat that are great for slow-cooking in the over or smoked on a barbecue grill. The cooking process melts the  are tender cuts of meat that can withstand higher temperatures and still remain soft which makes it perfect for a barbecue roasted dish or oven baked meal. 

For a saucy appetiser
Two unlikely and polarising cuts of beef that is likely to surprise and intrigue your guests are beef tripe and tongue. While it is obvious which part of the cow the latter is situated, the beef tripe, on the other hand,  actually comes from the inner lining of a cow’s stomach. A staple dim sum dish or a funky addition to a beef brisket noodle, they are typically boiled, steamed, pickled or braised in sauce. However it is prepared, a generous combination of flavours and spices for a sauce to accompany it often results in a mouth-watering outcome.


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