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Double Digits: Mesmerizing multi-finger rings…

No longer do statement rings solely need to grace a single finger. In fact, thanks to a spur of beautiful creativity from the world’s leading haute joaillerie houses, they can now span across the hand, ranging from between-the-finger creations that peek out between the gaps of your digits to attention-grabbing numbers that meander across multiple fingers.

Such bejewelled pieces need not be overly ostentatious, though. In fact, some designs are purposefully demure, as aptly demonstrated by Chanel’s rose gold Extrait de Camelia transformable ring or Yoko London’s elegantly minimalist diamond-and-pearl creation. At the other end of the spectrum, however, are eye-catching jewellery fronted by dazzling gemstones of every imaginable hue. Take, for instance, Dior’s Dior et Moi black opal design, whose kaleidoscopic colouring is sure to ensnare any passing gaze. Then there’s the gorgeous leaf-like Plumage ring from British designer Stephen Webster, which features a plethora of emeralds and diamonds across its three-finger span.

A true showstopper, though, is luxury jeweller Piaget’s Mediterranean Garden ring. Featuring roses adorned with some 200 brilliant-cut diamonds, the purple and pink spinels add a welcome splash of colour to the attention-grabbing two-finger design.


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