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Dream Cruises introduces sumptuous “A Taste of The Palace” experience

The charm and appeal of a luxurious all-inclusive holiday packed to the brim with a treasure trove of world-class cultural and adventuring activities is attractive to say the least, and that’s exactly what World Dream, the luxury cruise ship run by Dream Cruises, offers its lucky guests as part of its premium Palace offering.

Occupying the upper levels of the 335m-long, 18-deck vessel, The Palace is an innovative “ship within a ship” concept that serves up 150 sumptuous suites and villas, replete with VIP facilities such as private pools, spa, gym and fine-dining venues that are only accessible by Palace guests. In addition, they can avail themselves of the meticulously personalised Dream Butler service, with a dedicated butler available 24 hours a day to cater to your every need, be it booking an entertaining theatre show or booking a table at one of the fine-dining establishments aboard World Dream.

From left - Chef Darren McGrady, Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises, and Chef Ivan Li

From left: Chef Darren McGrady, Michael Goh, Dream Cruises President, and Chef Ivan Li

In a bid to heighten the luxury factor even further, the cruise liner recently announced the introduction of an all-new dining experience – “A Taste of the Palace”. The second annual instalment of Taste the Dream – Wine and Dine at Sea culinary programme from Dream Cruises, the showcase offers lucky Palace guests booking this package a unique insight into the dishes favoured by imperial families of both the East and West.

Dream Cruises - The Forbidden Banquet by Chef Ivan Li

The Forbidden Banquet by Chef Ivan Li

Helming the first of this two-pronged epicurean journey is Chef Ivan Li of Family Li Imperial Cuisine, whose ancestor Li Zijia once oversaw the imperial kitchens of Empress Cixi, the famed Qing dynasty ruler. Building on this storied legacy, his The Forbidden Banquet recreates dished favoured by the Qing royal family. Highlights here include the delicate Bird’s Nest with Pheasant Meat and Vermicelli, all subtle flavours melded with unique textures, the Stir Fry Lobster in Beijing Style – succulently fresh morsels of lobster packed to the brim with umami notes – and, of course, the Tofu of Jade, a viridescent grean pea puree said to be a favourite of Empress Cixi herself.

Dream Cruises - The Queen's Feast by Chef Darren McGrady

The Queen’s Feast by Chef Darren McGrady

Journeying to the other side of the world, the second immersive culinary experience comes in the form of The Queen’s Feast. Ably overseen by Chef Darren McGrady – whose tenure as the personal chef of both Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana gives him a unique insight into the nutritional cravings of Britain’s royalty – the degustation menu here features heavy hitters such as the luxuriously creamy Asparagus Veloute, Ballotine of Salmon with a low-fat tomato and dill mousse (a special request from Princess Di, an avid fan of healthy eating), and the Queen’s personal favourite of Juniper Crusted Venison with Truffle Oil Risotto.

Dream Cruises - Peking Opera

Not satisfied with just tantalising your taste buds, though, Dream Cruises will also be treating programme guests to a plethora of cultural highlights, including Peking opera, British-style garden tea parties and even a Beatles tribute concert or two for good measure. For those keen to get their own glimpse of the royal high life, the Taste the Dream – Wine and Dine at Sea package is available from October 2019 to January 2020.

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