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Introducing: The groundbreaking Dyson Pure Cryptomic purifying fan heater

The electronic experts at Dyson are no strangers to crafting cutting-edge gadgets that address such varying issue as tangled tresses, dust mites and climate control, all to ensure your life is as seamless as possible. Now, in a bid to burnish its reputation further, it has just unveiled its all-new Dyson Pure Cryptomic.

Built as an all-in-one purifying fan heater, the Dyson Pure Cryptomic is fitted with three automatic sensors that measure the indoor air quality in real time. First, there are the lasers that detect ultrafine pollutant particles. Then, there’s a sensor that records relative humidity and temperature in its vicinity. But the most impressive of all is the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sensor that can track toxic particles like benzene, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde.

Dyson Pure Cryptomic 1

In today’s age of inside living, indoor pollutants are a serious cause for concern. Not only are outdoor toxins introduced when doors and windows are opened, but harmful VOCs can be produced by such innocuous everyday items as plants, domestic heating units and cleaning products. In particular, the Dyson Pure Cryptomic is looking to target one particularly harmful substance found in our daily lives – formaldehyde, a potential carcinogenic commonly found in homes and schoolrooms across the city.

Dyson Pure Cryptomic 23

To cleanse these pollutants, the cutting-edge device comes equipped with 9m of condensed and sealed borosilicate microfibres that can capture almost all ultrafine toxins such as bacteria, pollen and mould. It also features a unique catalytic coating that traps and eradicates formaldehyde, chemically transforming it into harmless water and carbon dioxide. 

Dyson Pure Cryptomic 2

David Hill, Dyson’s Design Lead for Environmental Control, expounded: “Harnessing Dyson’s expertise in chemistry, sensing filtration and fluid dynamics, Dyson Pure Cryptomic machines are engineered to be the total air purification solution for your home – removing ultra-fine particles, odours, gases and destroying formaldehyde, continuously.”

The new HK$6,880 Dyson Pure Cryptomic is available in Hong Kong from 3 October. For more information, please visit:

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