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Elegant porcelain tea sets for your next regal soirée

High tea enjoyed alone or in the company of friends is a real treat. It’s almost celebratory in nature. The whole experience goes way beyond the brew – the exotic nibbles, the airy refreshments, the smooth concoction poured in elegant tea sets and the laughs shared with friends – it’s almost like a ceremony. 

Whether you’re hosting a traditional tea party for the ladies or a going for the more modern interpretation – afternoon tea which spills into evening drinks, whatever is your style, we have a classy tea set to recommend for every taste…

gafencu porcelain tea ware buckingham palace sevre soft paste china

Image courtesy of Royal Collection Shop


Sèvres Parrot set

This one’s for the Kate Middleton fanatic! These delicate beauties are Queen-approved.

Renowned porcelain manufacturer, Sèvres, has been known for producing the highest of quality of soft-paste porcelain china for over two centuries. The Sèvres Parrot teacup and saucer, in particular, is an exclusive Buckingham Palace limited-edition set, sumptuously presented in a certified hand made gift box.
Hand made in Staffordshire, England using the same traditional artisan techniques that have remained unchanged for 250 years, and finished with 22-carat burnished gold; the delicate set in arctic-blue and lemon-yellow, is a thing of timeless beauty. Intricately decorated with scrolls, pearls and a garland of flowers on which a parrot rests, this will elevate your tablescape as well as your display cabinet. 

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gafencu porcelain tea ware royal albert bone china

Image courtesy of Haviland

Haviland Souffle d’Or
A premier French manufacturer of porcelain wares specialising in Limoges porcelain or hard-paste porcelain, their products are stunningly enchanting. Differentiated by its lower firing temperature that results in a smooth matte finish and stoneware aesthetic. It is more resistant to cracking than soft-paste china.

The Souffle d’Or is dazzling collection of four limoges teacups and saucer set. Featuring golden stars glittered across the base and rim of the porcelain – it is said to be a “journey of stars in motion”. 

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gafencu porcelain tea ware meissen

Image courtesy of Meissen

Meissen B-Form Royal Blue Platinum Collection
Founded in 1710, Meissen porcelain was the first ever European hard-paste porcelain manufacturer, boasting stylistic innovation and lavishly designed motifs. It is still one of the world’s leading porcelain producers and most internationally recognized German luxury brand.

Introducing a new collection to their tea service set, the B-Form Royal Blur Platinum with Strewn Roses is a contemporary expression of modern opulence. It has combined classical aesthetics with finesse on this lavishly designed deep blue and white platinum set of teacups and saucers — a first for the brand — in place of its traditional (and more ostentatious) 24-carat gold.

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gafencu porcelain tea ware hermes

Image courtesy of Hermès

Hermès Cheval d’Orient set

With no shortage of opulence, the internationally renowned luxury house, Hermès, offers fans of the brand a collectors’ set of tea service ware, the Cheval d’Orient porcelain teacup and saucer set. Made in France in the style of Persian miniatures, the refined details of horse harness and intricately defined decorations throwback to explorations along the Silk Road.

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gafencu porcelain tea ware wedgewood

Image courtesy of Harrods

Wedgewood Hummingbird Collection

In a magnificent ode to the beauty of hummingbirds in their natural environment, English fine china potter Wedgewood’s Hummingbird collection beautifully portrays the elegant floral and fauna motif in vibrant shades of botanical landscapes and 22-carat gold accents on deep blue background.

Hand-painted by skilled Wedgwood artisans, it is Landmark Prince’s Exclusive set inclusive of a 15-Ppiece teacup and saucer with teapot, creamer jug and sugar bowl.

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gafencu porcelain tea ware royal albert bone china

Image courtesy of Royal Albert China

Royal Albert 10-piece teacup and saucer set

The century-old English ceramic manufacturer, Royal Doulton has specialised in bone china creations since the early 19th century, a type of porcelain composed of bone ash, feldspathic material, and kaolin.

Its brand Royal Albert has put out a gorgeous boxed-set of five teacups and saucers shaped into a Diana-style pedestal cup with a slightly fluted body and a nook on the inner handle to hold with your forefinger. Paired with a deep saucer and wide rim, the set features the brand’s signature modern aesthetics and floral patterns that are utterly elegant and inviting.

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