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An Elu Exclusive: Inside Central district’s latest luxury spa Elu

Hong Kong is somewhat notorious for its more than fair share of overworked and over-stressed residents, so it’s perhaps no surprise that the city is dotted with salons, spas, etc. – both the high-end and the back-alley varietals – at almost every corner, all equipped to massage, detoxify and ease out the stress from the mind and the body. One new addition to the spa scene is the one-month-old elu. spa, Hong Kong’s latest holistic wellness spa to bring a hidden oasis of calm to Central, with a wealth of services on offer such as 30-minute manicures, waxing services and an impressive menu of massages ranging from sports to aromatherapy.


Whether one is looking to escape the office and spend their lunch hour in luxury, or seeking a therapeutic spot to decompress after their inbox has been emptied at the end of a workday, elu immediately creates a feeling of tranquillity as you enter. Combining Nordic and Scandinavian design ethos, the interiors look minimalistic yet welcoming. The calming neutral colours helps one forget the world outside as you settle down for an hour or so of immersive relaxation.

We decided to try the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience (60 min) massage. While the massage therapist readied the room, we snacked on biscuits and were treated with a soothing jasmine tea. Finally greeted, we were prompted to choose a foot-scrub as well as an essential oil for the massage and then led to the foot bathing station featuring colonial style window drapes, that allowed just a sliver of natural light and a view of the city below. 


The massage room itself, then, matched the colour scheme and the soothing ambience of the overall spa. For the next hour, we were gently massaged with elu‘s staff’s skilled hands, with our concern areas being given a generous amount of time and care throughout the treatment. Check-ins were regular and communication was never an issue throughout the experience that left us feeling rested and recovered.

Those interested in trying out elu themselves will be happy to know that your first pampering comes at 30 percent off during the spa’s opening months. With facials and couples massages yet to be explored, we’re certainly eager to go back…

elu. spa 7/F, 46 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong +852 2668 1381

Text: Bailey Atkinson

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