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Equestrian Lessons: Where to go horse riding in Hong Kong

Hong Kong might not be the first place you think about for horse riding sessions, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the SAR’s equestrian options.

Equestrian is a sport that has a long history in Hong Kong and offers a range of physical and emotional benefits for both young and old – balance, coordination, cardio training and stress management – to name a few. Whether it’s a one-off galloping session, a new sport you want to perfect or wish to enrol your kids for physical and emotional training with the most magical animals – here are the top equestrian centres in the city.  Saddle up!


Image courtesy of Beas Equestrian Riding Centre

Beas River Equestrian
Location: Kam Tsin Rd, Kwu Tung
Price: HK$20,000 per year (For HKJC members only)
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Beas River Equestrian is Hong Kong Jockey Club members-only facility recognised by the British Horse Society and a certified Riding and Livery Centre. It provides an extensive range of equestrian facilities and arenas to train in, including a large indoor paddock and an international-standard competition arena in which regular competitions are held, which make up the best horse riding facility in the city. 


Image courtesy of Hong Kong Jockey Club

Here, courses are provided for every level of riding experience. Equestrian students from aged six years and up can progress from beginners to become competitive riders and train their horses further in skills such as dressage, show jumping, and cross-country classes in private, semi-private, and group classes with the guidance of internationally certified instructors.

However, to enroll at the Beas River Equestrian riding school, applicants would first have to become a member of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Racing Club Concession Scheme currently priced at HK$73,000 with a monthly subscription of HK$700 on top of the Beas River Equestrian annual fee of HK$20,000. 

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Image courtesy of Hong Kong Jockey Club

Hong Kong Jockey Club Horse Riding School
Location: Tuen Mun / Pokfulam / Lei Yue Mun
Price: HK$415 per hour
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For non-members of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, they have the option to take part in horseback riding classes at any of the three HKJC public horse riding schools located in Tuen Mun, Pokfulam and Lei Yue Mun. The Tuen Mun Public Riding School, being the largest of the three, is a 40,000 sq.ft facility nestled between the forested mountains and calm seas on the western fringe of Tuen Mun, and is rated among the best in the world for equestrian sports.


Image courtesy of Hong Kong Jockey Club

Lessons are provided for all levels, from beginners and experienced riders to those training on a more professional level, in both English and Cantonese. The have several instructors on site for various levels, all of whom have obtained internationally-recognised qualifications from the British Horse Society (BHS). Classes are provided for students of four years of age and above in private, semi-private and group classes.


Image courtesy of Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre

Clearwater Bay Equestrian and Education Centre
Location: Clearwater Bay
Price: HK$20,000 per year (For HKJC members only)
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The Clearwater Bay Equestrian and Education Centre, on the other hand, is a private British Horse Society-approved private member-based equestrian centre that offers horse riding  classes to both members and one-off lessons for non-members. Their lessons cater to all riding levels from aged four years and above, instructed by certified trainers under The British Horse Society system. 

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Image courtesy of Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre

Located in the Clearwater Bay Country Park, surrounded by the sea and stunning views, the centre’s facilities follow a strict standard of upkeep to promote a happy, healthy and safe environment for both horses and riders, and encourages the interactions between the two through stable management. Their extensive range of facilities includes a large outdoor jumping area, two paddock areas and 47 stables, as well as, a fully stocked tack shop for gears, horse-health products and more.


Image courtesy of Lo Wu Riding School

Lo Wu Saddle Club
Location: Sheung Shui New Territories
Price: From HK$910 per lesson /45mins (non-members);  HK$850 /45mins (members)
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Lo Wu Saddle Club is a independently operated non-profitriding school with a long history in the city dating back 30 years, originally as a camp for the British Army. It is now a leading equestrian facility in the city that serves horse riding courses to members as well as the general public.  In 2007, after relocating, it now boasts 50,000 sq.ft of riding space, with state-of-the art facilities for all horse riding needs.

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Image courtesy of Lo Wu Riding School

Lessons are instructed by an international team of British Horse Society-accredited coaches in horsemanship to teach anyone from every background, whether they are absolute beginners or professionals training on a competitive level. Ambitious riders are also prviledged with the opportunity to compete and participate in in-house events hosted within the facilities. 

Their initiative also stretches towards providing children and adults who would have never experienced meeting, learning about or riding horses with the opportunity to do so by offering activities, including the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) lessons, free of charge.


Image courtesy of International Riding Centre

International Riding Centre
Location: Fan Kam Rd, Pat Heung, Yuen Long
Price: From HK$750 per 30 mins
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One of the largest private horse riding centres in Hong Kong, occupying 160,000 sq.ft, the facility includes five large irrigated sand paddocks and a stable of 36 horses, providing suitable riding environments for riders of all levels, both adults and children and ample space for solo or group lessons. 

Their BHS-certified instructors have all had riding expereince for over a decade and substaintial knowledge in equestrianism. A great facility for the young, the centre puts a close focus on providing a fun way to exercise and build camaraderie, as well as organises camps and activities to build and encourage horse care and relationship through Easter Camps, Pony Camps and Horse Turn Out.

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