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Essence Essentials: Serums to get smooth skin in the Year of the Pig

Courtesy of premier luxury skincare brand Shiseido comes Clé de Peau’s reformulated Essential Refining Essence. Its cutting-edge formulation is said to target the root cause of visible pores, while reducing the roughness and dullness of the skin. Designed to minimise excess sebum release and erase impurities, it also promises up to eight hours of hydration, ensuring your skin stays smooth and properly moisturised throughout the day.

EVE LOM, the British skincare brand, meanwhile, has turned its attention to skin-soothing serums, with its new Time Retreat Radiance Boost Treatment – featuring special acids blended with a radiance-boosting formula – guaranteed to even out your epidermis. Said to help reduce wrinkles and puffiness, the serum also apparently boasts cell-renewing properties, all intended to bestow a healthier glow.

BIOTHERM is on a mission to help you turn over a new leaf – at least dermatologically – in the Year of the Pig with its firecracker-themed Life Plankton Essence. Sourced from the thermal springs of France – home territory for the company – comes this naturally nourishing life plankton, which works to activate skin renewal and enhance absorption. It’s said to make your skin feel younger in just eight days.


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