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Evolution of Chanel: Exploring 40 years of iconic catwalk looks

For over a century, Chanel has been thrilling fashionistas and titillating couture critics with its avant garde looks and mesmerising collections. First started by Madam Coco Chanel in 1909, this haute couture brand has managed to stand on the cutting edge of fashion year after year, decade after decade. We pay homage to this long legacy and track the evolution of Chanel over the last 40 years.

Evolution of Chanel 1979 First Year of ready-to-wear label

1979 – Chanel launched its first ready-to-wear label. Their premier collection featured sharp skirt suits and sophisticated hats.

1980’s – The iconic Karl Lagerfeld designed the first of many Chanel collections in 1984. This decade saw a heavy focus on power suits and statement hat pieces – a trend that mirrored the emancipation of women and their entrance into the workforce.

1990’s –The ‘90s saw a marked evolution of Chanel looks. After a decade of sombre suits and corporate cuts, the haute couture brand celebrated the bolder nature of women with playfully chunky jewellery and a plethora of eye-popping colours.

2000’s – Flirtatious and fun, the new millennium ushered in the popularisation of the ‘Little Black Dress’ as well as sophisticated casual wear.

2010’s –With nods to vintage fashion fads (twill suits and denim designs) as well as an eye on the future (Space-Age plastic accents), this decade was all about reconciling the past with the yet-to-come.

So where will the evolution of Chanel take us next? Only time will tell…

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