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Fall beauty trends straight from the runways!

It’s time to step up your game! This fall/winter season has been serving us epic beauty trends that have the experts and the Gafencu team obsessing over. From subtler kitten eye liners to retro headgear making a comeback, here are our favourite looks straight from the runways of fashion creme de la creme

1. Kitten Eye liner and red lips


FW21 Dolce & Gabbana Runway

Step aside — a boss-babe arrives. Cat eye, the sultry feline-inspired make-up trick returns, albeit with a subtler and finer touch. Dainty but still fierce enough to cut the mould of what a sophisticated lady ought to look like, its fine flick of the wing makes for a cleaner (and easier) go-to trick for an impromptu evening out with the girls; complete the look with a pair of bold red lips — simple, elegant, fierce!

2. Metallic Eyeshadow 


FW21 Dolce & Gabbana Runway

Who says autumn colours should submit to warm shades of amber, bronze and copper? If anything, the fall seasons should call for more electrifying tints that shimmering metallic hues of lilac, sapphire and emerald. How best to make it pop? Keep the rest of your make-up subtle and simple and let your eyes make the statements. 

3. Fringe with benefits


FW21 Max Mara Runway

Edgy, modern and versatile, full-frontal fringes frame the face and anchors an effortlessly elegant everyday look. You might be getting a subtle snip a the front but it definitely won’t be falling short on impact, as proven on the runways of Max Mara and more. Whether you want to let them fall heavy on the front or sweep them to the side, it’s as easy to style as it is to wear — making your morning routines brisk. 

4. Retro Headgear

gafencu_fall_witner_2021_beauty_trends retro headgear

FW21 Max Mara Runway

As with other retro trends cycling its way back to modern day’s definition of “cool”, that ’40s fashion headgear adds a much needed layer of finesse to any ensemble. From bucket hats to bandannas, go ahead and top off your attire with a old-but-gold accoutrements to complete your look.

5.  The return of the humble braids


Look by Prabal Gurung

While the rest of us are letting loose in times of lock-down, braids, however, are returning with a vengeance.  Making its comeback on runways of the likes of Prabal Gurung, this fall is all about keeping our heads (of hair) tightly knit together while the rest of our wardrobe enters proclivity — at this point, anything goes. 

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