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Fashion Infinity @ Optic Master: Where fashion meets personality

Fashion Infinity @ Optic Master: Where fashion meets personality

At Fashion Infinity, eyewear is not only an accessory but an expression of individuality. From June to August, the exclusive exhibition will showcase a unique selection of eyewear brands that pop with personality and inspire you to push the boundaries of expectations.  

Korean avante-garde designer brand, Fixxative, redefines the taste of retro by blending traditional aesthetics with on-the-spot trends, while Shanghai-born Jinnnn reveals the brand’s free-spirited expression of contemporary style by fusing vintage elements in a modern design. Elevate your everyday looks with Percy Lau’s sculptural constructions or opt for a radical yet elegant look with Renoner’s extraordinary Looper collection.

Fashion Infinity embodies the ability to wear your personality with pride and the courage to look the world in the eye with confidence.


Venue: Optic Master, G/F, 459-461 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay

For more information, visit Optic Master, call (852) 2838 4828 or whatsapp (852) 6690 9099

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