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Reel Deal: February’s cinematic releases

Despite Hong Kong having more than its fair share of off-screen drama at present, there’s still some movie entertainment that’s well worth seeking out…

February cinematic releases

A Beautiful Day in The Neighbourhood – 6 February

When a magazine editor is asked to write a profile on a children’s TV personality – Fred Rogers -it’s assignment he takes on with little enthusiasm. However, during the course of the interview, the initially cynical journalist learns about kindness and affection. Based on the real-life friendship between Mr.Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, A Beautiful Day in The Neighbourhood provides a much-needed lesson in the current climate –  the fact that trust sometimes trumps scepticism.

Birds of Prey – 6 February

Harley Quinn tells the twisted and complicated tale of three superheroes – Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya –  teaming up to protect a young girl from three villains – Roman Sionis and Zsasz. With Harley Quinn taking the lead role, the Joker – he long term beau – is nowhere to be seen. A definite entertainment for all the DC comic fans out there.

Fantasy Island – 13 February

More horror and more modern is one way to describe this film version of the television series Fantasy Island. Similar to the ABC series, Mr. Roarke, an amiable  host, invites guests to live out their fantasies on an island where nothing turns out quite the way they expect…

Sonic The Hedgehog – 20 February

Inspired by a video game of the same name,  this action-packed comedy sees the world’s fastest hedgehog teaming up with sheriff Tom Wachowski to defeat Dr. Robotnik, an evil genius determined to take over the world. This movie is sure to entertain children and adults alike…

The Turning – 27 February

Set in an eerie gothic estate, this contemporary adaptation of The Turning of the Screw details the sinister events that befall Kate once she is hired to work as a nanny for two-disturbed-children – Flora and Miles – who are the guardians of a number of dark secrets. Not for the faint hearted….

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