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10 Tips to invite successful people to be your mentor

Diana Chou is the founder and chairman of Dragon General Aviation Group (DGA) while Anna Wong and Ines Gafi are founders of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW). Diana also sits on the board of directors of FEW from the early years and she always shared with them that sometimes we  need to experience setbacks in order to learn and grow – it’s like a caterpillar that undergoes a transformational process to become a butterfly.

Anna: “Diana is a wonderful mentor because she shares her life, experiences, and struggles. She let me see how she manages the ups and downs in her life. She invites me to her business meetings and friends gatherings. She let me see how she runs things.”

Ines: “Diana is a great inspiration, as she inspires us to pay it forward and mentor other younger women. And we are constantly looking for more great business and corporate leaders to mentor our members.”

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10 Tips to invite successful people to be your mentor

  1. Do not look like a helpless and miserable young woman.
  2. Dress “one level up” – if you are just a manager, you could dress like a future director in the office; If you’re an entrepreneur, please dress like a successful entrepreneur.
  3. Show them that you have the talent to do it through your work ethic and achievements.
  4. Sell your passion and bring in positive energy to people’s life. 
  5. Demonstrate you’re doing something to drive a positive impact in society, as they want to give back to the society too.
  6. Be genuine. You get to truly love the people you’re with. Try not to make friends with people because of their status or money.
  7. Invite them to a coffee meeting. Tell them sincerely about what you admire about them and want to learn from them.
  8. Join platforms like FEW or other business associations based on your needs.
  9. Say thank you or send a gift for their guidance and trust in you.
  10. No need to rush into any relationship. You also need to know that if you can work and communicate well with the person who’s goingto help guide you.


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