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Women’s Resilience: As tough as natural diamond- Victoria Tang-Owen

Women's Resilience As tough as natural diamond gafencu total circle victoria tang owen

Victoria Tang-Owen, Founder of Thirty30 Creative & Victoria Tang Studio, wears De Beers Jewellers’ Enchanted Lotus High Jewellery Collection

“I adapt very easily. I can be comfortable in any sort
of situation you put me into”

Two important men in my life…

  • I was working for my father and was always overshadowed by him, and not allowed to cry in front of him. He said: “Excuses are just excuses. Fix it. Face it.” I had to constantly prove my creative output to him. All of  these make me stronger Today.
  • My husband is left-brained, strategic and business-minded — a great planner. We complement each other so well in each single aspect, which is beautiful.

Starting a business is tough, how I did it..

  • Have a genuine passion for what you do, not falling into habits of working simply to work.
  • Commit to it 100%. If you don’t believe in it, no one does. Stand on your own feet.
  • Find the right partner and people for you to work and surround yourself.
  • “You are what you give, not what you are given” is what I was told in my early adult life.


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