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Moisture Matters: Five moisturising skincare products to nourish your skin this autumn

Contrary to what we were taught at school, the first signs of autumn are not the sight of falling amber leaves, but the feel of dry, cracking skin as we delicately put fingertips to face. Whether you prefer a slather of hydrating cream, a dab of lightweight emulsion or a glistening layer of regenerating night serum, keeping your skin plump is key. We spill the beans on the moisturising skincare products hitting the shelves this season.

Gafencu_beauty_moisturising_serum_Ecological Compound_tatcha_Indigo_Overnight_Repair

First up, is Japanese beauty and skincare brand Tatcha’s Indigo Overnight Repair, a soothing moisturising treatment that visibly calms any irritation or inflammation and delivers active natural ingredients to strengthen the skin’s defensive layers. You can rest assured that the product will work to counter the effects of everyday exposure to harsh weather and pollution, so you wake up refreshed with luminous, healthier-looking skin.

Gafencu_beauty_moisturising_serum_Ecological Compound

If you’re looking for a lighter application, Ecological Compound emulsion from French skincare and cosmetics brand Sisley Paris is just the ticket. Packed with carefully balanced ingredients such as ginseng, rosemary, horsetail, hops and centella asiatica, this water-based serum moisturises, nourishes, revitalises and boosts the epidermis’ protection while toning facial contours. It can be used alone or before your usual moisturising cream for additional hydration.

Gafencu_beauty_moisturising_serum_Ecological Compound_Lancome_Advanced Genifique Eye Cream

Not neglecting the eyes, we’ve included a quick-effect eye cream, Génifique Yeux by luxury skincare line Lancôme, that aims to visibly strengthen the eye area and provide a more radiant, youthful look in just seven days. Enriched with a complex of seven pre- and probiotic fractions, it’s light to the touch but packed with strong, defensive moisturising elements.

Gafencu_beauty_moisturising_serum_Ecological Compound_Lancome_Advanced Genifique Eye Cream_la mer hydrating infused lotion

Alternatively, marine-inspired La Mer continues to perfect the art of fermenting sea kelp into miraculous skincare products. Its latest all-nourishing, feather-light emulsion is packed with micronutrients. The Hydrating Infused Emulsion comprises nutrient-rich kelp and soy, as well as lime tea concentrate, to counter the effects of free radicals, and antioxidants to calm redness and inflammation – effortlessly revitalising the skin with the brand’s trademarked cell-renewing Miracle Broth.

Gafencu_beauty_moisturising_serum_Ecological Compound_Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix

Last but not least, internationally renowned cosmetics company Estée Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix is designed to offer a more supple, youthful contour around the eyes. Infused with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, the formula promotes collagen production to target the reduction of expression lines and dark circles, while fortifying the delicate under-eye area for a healthier glow.

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