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Five skincare tips to avoid acne and dry skin for men

As the fairer sex can surely attest to, learning the in’s and out’s of skincare routines to ensure you put your best face forward can be a daunting to say the least. But gentlemen, let the steep learning curve through you off, because neglecting your dermis can cause severe problems. To avoid any unwanted conditions, here are five simple skincare tips to incorporate into your daily schedule.

gafencu grooming Five skincare tips to avoid acne and dry skin for men fresh faced

Keep the body and facial routine separate
Although a steaming hot shower can be therapeutic after a long day, there are two common mistakes that occur during this relaxing period of your self-care regimen that you should avoid. Firstly, don’t wash your face with hot water. Secondly, make sure you use soaps that are specifically made for facial use, rather than bodywash. In both instances, these culprits lead to dry skin and skin surface damage due to the skin on the face being more sensitive than the body.

Solution: A more appropriate and gentle treatment is to use gentle face cleansers and rinse with lukewarm water. 

gafencu grooming Five skincare tips to avoid acne and dry skin for men face wash

Exfoliate twice a week
Although daily face washing is non-negotiable for a properly kept mug, it isn’t enough to settle for just that. Although cleansing helps the skin look healthier, a lack of exfoliation leads to a build-up of dead skin cells and can result in dry, patchy skin and clogged pores.

Solution: Using an exfoliating face scrub gentle washes off dead skin cells and triggers the skin’s natural renewal process — revealing younger looking skin.

gafencu grooming Five skincare tips to avoid acne and dry skin for men routine

Treat acne
Although you should never pop a pimple, that doesn’t mean to default to no treatment at all. Especially for men who have more androgen (a hormone that creates sebum, which gives the skin its unpleasantly greasy texture), male pores tend to clog easily, causing acne. Leaving them untreated without any remedial solution can leave behind marks and in some cases, permanent acne scars. 

Solution: Products with retinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide help heal the skin, strip down dead skin cells and fight bacteria — providing better maintenance and prevention for acne-prone skin.

gafencu grooming Five skincare tips to avoid acne and dry skin for men treatment

Moisturise after every wash
Although men’s skin is thicker and more resilient to ageing than women’s, simply washing-and-drying is not going to cut. If a truly fresh faced dermis is what you aim for, moisturising is the key. Face wash typically contain ingredients that can strip away the skin’s natural oils, so without moisturisers, the skin will appear dry, while also becoming more sensitive to flaking and, according to Baylor College of Medicine, extremely dry skin can develop into more serious skin conditions like inflammation and eczema.

Solution: Apply a generous layer of moisturiser and massage it into the skin. There are various types of products to choose from which benefit different skin type but commonly soothing gels with aloe vera accommodate sensitive skin, while oil-based cream nourishes dry skin and water-based moisturisers combat oily skin.

gafencu grooming Five skincare tips to avoid acne and dry skin for men sunscreen

Apply sunscreen daily
It’s a common misconception that sunscreen is reserved only on the days you spend out on the beach or at sea, but that is not the case as the majority of dermatologists will suggest. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the UV rays from the sun can damage the skin’s pigment cells and increase the growth of free radicals. This  contributes to the risk of developing skin cancer and speeding up premature ageing. 

Solution: Apply an even layer of sunscreen of at least a level of SPF 30 (after a moisturiser) to block harmful UV rays from sinking into the skin. There are also a variety of moisturisers with SPF included available on the market for a two-in-one effect.

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