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Five surprising ways hypnotherapy can benefit your health and well-being

Hypnosis vs Hypnotherapy
The mind is a powerful tool that utilises habits and defence mechanisms as a form of managing emotions and mental processes. While hypnotherapy is the holistic and non-invasive technique that promotes positive behavioural changes, hypnosis, on the other hand, creates a state of hyper-focus and increased suggestibility used to feed positive suggestions to the subconscious mind and replace negative associations of specific triggers until the individual’s actions begin to automatically reflect their newly established mindset. In the case of physical pain management, it is used as a complementary therapy to medical treatments such as cancer, depression and chronic pain management. 

1. Hypnotherapy for building good habits
Although initially used to break bad habits like smoking and addiction, recent studies have found that hypnotherapy can also eliminate other less detrimental habits such as nail biting and procrastination. Most habits are formed during childhood which makes them almost automatic and harder to break. Hypnotherapy allows for positive suggestions to reframe the way the unconscious mind reacts to specific emotional triggers, disconnecting the two from each other.  

2. Hypnotherapy for losing weight
Say goodbye to slimming pills and rigid fad diets, similar to breaking bad habits, hypnotherapy can help change an individual’s relationships with food through a three-step technique called preframe, reframe and deframe which basically puts a close focus on the individual’s relationship with food by identifying their triggers for cravings and deconstructing that relationship. 

3. Hypnotherapy for reducing anxiety
A holistic and medication-free therapy for anxiety, hypnotherapy can change the way a person responds to stress and anxiety triggers by helping the mind cope with the external factors that activate these response. Typically, calming words of affirmation and encouragement are used to feed the mind of the individual in their hypnotised state allowing their physical condition to relax. 

4. Hypnotherapy for chronic pain management
Medical research have shown the beneficial effects of using hypnotherapy as a complementary therapy for medical treatments such as chemotherapy, burn recovery, and even assisting in achieving a calmer and gentler birth for pregnant women. The therapy redirects the attention of pain (or in the case of pregnancy, fears of birth-giving) by bypassing the conscious mind, allowing the body to relax, reserve their energy as well as regulate their breath and promote better oxygen circulation — eliminating the dependency on pain relief medications.

5. Reduce symptoms of chronic allergies
Those itching for a solution to chronic allergies will be relieved to know that hypnosis or even self-hypnosis can improve symptoms of specific allergies, though research have been limited in this field. Symptoms of allergies can be explained by the body’s defensive response to an immunity threat when exposed to an allergen. In the case of a cat allergy, for example, while the symptoms may masquerade as a defence mechanism to the animal, hypnosis might reveal an earlier emotional trauma that relates to a phobia for cats that the person may not be aware of. 


Sonia Samtani
Certified hynotherapist, founder and director of All About You Wellness Centre. Her services offers a wide range of hypnotherapy for private as well as corporate sessions.
Location:All About You, Sheung Wan
Price: From HK$1,700
Contact: +852 2992 0828

Christine Deschemin
A certified hypnotherapist that covers a wide range of different hypnotherapy services, including hypno-birthing. She has substantial experience in aiding athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals in Hong Kong.
Location: Renewed Edge, Central
Price: From HK$2,500
Contact: +852 9884 8036

Sybille de Klebnikoff
A master hypnotherapist, and certified positive discipline parent educator, she lends her experience and expertise to Stanley Wellness Centre where she leads the hypnotherapy department in help their patients cope with addiction, anxiety, phobias, parenting and general personal development. 
Location: Stanley Wellness Centre, Stanley
Price: HK$1,300
Contact: +852 2372 9700


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