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Fivelements Hong Kong: A detox with a difference for Hong Kong’s urban dwellers

Fivelements Hong Kong

Nestled in the hidden depths of the rural hillside of Sai Kung and far from the city’s crowds, lies Fivelements Hong Kong – the ultimate wellness retreat for urban dwellers.

Located just 40 minutes away from bustling Central, the urban sanctuary offers guests a chance to escape from the hectic schedules of their daily lives and to recharge with the help of carefully curated wellness rituals, including half-to full-day experiences and retreat stays.

As an addition to their multi-award-winning resort in Bali, Fivelements Hong Kong, forms part of the region’s first holistic sports wellness destination, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA) offering a range of facilities from state-of-the-art golf coaching studios to indoor and outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts.

Easing into a slower pace of life, begin your retreat with a 105-minute Signature Balinese massage in the Royal Luxury Wellness Suite. Adorned with gold and red embellishments and artfully designed with furnishings hand-crafted by talented Balinese artisans, you will instantly feel a million miles away from home.

Fivelements Hong Kong

Royal Luxury Wellness Suite

The therapist will begin by gently rocking your body and you will find yourself becoming more relaxed as the layers of tension are released. Smooth broad strokes will then be used to soothe muscular aches and pains with the help of a luxuriously silky coconut oil. Emphasising a deep pressure with a meditative pace, this calming massage employs entrancing waves of touch, interspersed by gentle stretches to loosen the joints. As you gradually fall into a tranquil sleep, your hands and feet will be massaged using kneading and acupressure techniques.

You will confidently awake from this meditative massage feeling invigorated and ready for your Do-In Taoist yoga and self-massage session with Anne, a registered Somatic Movement Educator, Experiencing Practitioner and expert in the mind-body connection. Derived from Taoism and Chinese Medicine, Do-In combines gentle stretching and movements with meditative and breathing techniques to activate and balance the circulation of life force through the body’s energetic pathways, also known as the meridians.

Fivelements Hong Kong

Yoga and meditation studio

Feeling uplifted and energised after a session of Do-In, continue your retreat with a delicious dinner at the Saki Dining Room. Helmed by Chef Arnaud  and hailed as a pioneer in healthy, epicurean plant-based cuisine, Sakti Dining Room is renowned for its 3, 5 and 7-course Chef’s Tasting menus that are sure to surprise even the most experienced epicure with its range of palates.

Begin your dinner with a refreshing grape and ginger sparkling drink, followed by the Yellow Zucchini Tian. Beautifully decorated with fruity lemon basil, sunflower seeds and sour cream, this simple yet impressive dish is the perfect starter. Next, enjoy a delicious Confit Tomato and Zucchini Tarte served with a pleasantly sweet and sour bell pepper marmalade and a garlic emulsion offering the perfect balance of flavours. The zucchini tarte lends a perfectly crisp texture alongside the tangy confit tomatoes and will only leave you hankering for more. End with a Passion Fruit and White Chocolate surprise, complete with strawberries, tonka beans and baby corn. The unexpected medley of flavours and textures creates a harmonious end to a delectable culinary experience.  

Fivelements Hong Kong

Chef Arnaud

At this juncture, you may well feel like taking a siesta and members of the HKGTA can do just that. Combined with a rich sense of heritage and contemporary vision, enjoy a restorative sleep in the richly-appointed apartments and villas. For a complete wellness experience, a stay in one of the luxury Royal Sleeping Suites, adjoining your private treatment room is a must.

While the overnight facilities are for patrons of HKGTA, non-members who wish to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Fivelements can partake in the Friends of Fivelements, a pre-paid value special privilege programme. Simply purchase a pre-paid value card and enjoy special privileges at both Fivelelements Hong Kong and Bali. 

Whether you are looking for a getaway to celebrate a special occasion or would simply like to pamper yourself to a day of wellness treats, Fivelements Hong Kong is a haven of surprises that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the world! 

Address: Fivelements Hong Kong, 81 Tai Chung Hau Road, Sai Kung
For more information visit, or call (852) 3959 0000

Text: Hira Desai 

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