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Flower Power: Sparkling high-end jewellery inspired by nature

Since time immemorial, humans have been enamoured with all things floral. Embraced as symbols of everything from new life and fertility to passion and romance, their natural beauty has entranced and enchanted at every turn. Small wonder, then, that they are a constant, never-ending source of inspiration behind the timeless creations of countless high-end jewellery brands.

Floral Trend 

In fact, so strong is this floral love affair that many iconic marques have actually adopted their own flower emblems. Take, for instance, Dior and Piaget, who have both selected the rose as their blossom of choice and unveiled entire collections dedicated to the thorny blossom. Elsewhere, there’s Chanel and the camellia, Chaumet and the hydrangea, and so forth.

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Featuring a startling array of colours, shapes and sizes, this nature-inspired leitmotif is flexible to the extreme. Some flower designs are subtle, demure, and perfectly suited for everyday wear. However, the other end of the spectrum accentuates precision jewellery-making at its very finest, using a smorgasbord of precious and semi-precious gemstones and skilled craftsmanship to portray all the inherent beauty of flowers in truly dazzling style.


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