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Futuristic Smart TVs To Buy

A decade ago, transparent TVs and voice control screens were only but fiction in our favouite sci-fi movies. Now, the future is brighter than ever, from screens that unfold from underneath your marble flooring to see-through display panels. These are the most futuristic televisions now available on the market.  

For best overall TV:
Sony Bravia XR A90J OLED TV (HK$47, 990)

Futuristic Smart TVs To Buy_gafencu Sony Bravia XR A90J OLED TV

(Photo courtesy of Sony)

Ultra thin display panel and sleek bezel supported on a pair of adjustable stands to customise users’ desired height. It also allows for two settings that enables users to either lay the screen flat on the table, stand it upright or even mounted on a wall. But what amazes in this engineering feat lies behind the display. Built-in with Acoustic surface audio+ transducers from within the screen, the audio comes directly from the screen — delivering on an immersive multi-directional soundscape. 

Making a switch from Android operating system to a Google alternative that offers an incredibly smooth interface and navigation system, making your surf through the entertainment hub, jumping from different channels, streaming platforms and other applications effortless. But the highlight here is its remote control which doubles as a voice control to switch between different channel inputs, access voice search features. 

For a TV with the best display:
Samsung NEO QLED 8K 65″ / 75″ / 85″ (HK$54,980 – HK$99, 900)

Futuristic Smart TVs To Buy_gafencu_Samsung NEO QLED 8K

(Photo courtesy of Samsung)

Until now, previous LEDs were built with huge lenses that required the necessary bulk casing for protection. But with this quantum mini LED finally arrives packaging and lens free. Boasting only 1/40 of the size of your typical LED but with 33-times more LEDs — Samsung’s quantum matrix technology impressing spectators with a technology that displays high density light balance for brighter and more accurate pictures along with an anti-reflective panel to offer an immersive cinematic experience.

Whether set to stand or to be hung on the wall, this smart TV is amazingly thing and seamlessly blends into the home as part of the decor. that only only immerses watchers in an immersive soundscape at home, but also blends in with the decor as it hangs on the wall like a frame or stands. Though while it puts out all the stops for its visual output, it may be lacking in sound quality as compared to the next TV on the list. However, it isn’t anything that a Samsung soundbar, bought separately, cannot make up for. 

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For best gaming TV:
LG Signature 8K OLED TV (HK$239,800) 

Futuristic Smart TVs To Buy_gafencu_LG Signature 8K OLED TV

(Photo courtesy of LG)

For tech enthusiasts and gamers, this alternative is a hit in the right direction. With razor sharp display coming through this shockingly slim structure, more bass and excellent fidelity — producing realistic soundscapes, the cinematic experience of this smart TV is only further highlighted by its wide scale 8K resolution support and unparalleled response time in game mode that stages the ideal gaming experience and overall mesmeric cinematic experience for the current and future standards of triple-A games.

Opting for its Rollable R 88″ Z1 (HK$299,800) counterpart, you can roll out and hide this ultra slim TV into and out of sight without a hitch. 

For a transparent TV:
Xiomi Mi TV LUX (HK$60,833)

Futuristic Smart TVs To Buy_gafencu_Xiomi Mi TV LUX

(Photo courtesy of Xiomi)

Although the first appearance of a transparent screen was showcased in Korea by LG, a possible contender situated much closer to home boasts a similar technology, if not the same, that makes for an impressive and unique smart TV for the home.

Chinese tech company Xiomi is the first to commercially release a transparent TV. Delivering surprisingly clear details and an impressive soundscape — contrary to what would be expected from a see-through panel. However, its transparency does impart some glare that might not deliver on the most crisp dim and white details unless it is placed in front of a plain black or white surface. 

But if clarity is not a priority as much as equipping your living space with the most innovative and modern devices, this serves as the perfect focal point for a well-designed home, complemented by a smart TV to entertain guests with a slew of streaming platforms and channels. 

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For the ultimate luxurious entertainment device:
C SEED M1 4K 165″ (HK$3 million)

Futuristic Smart TVs To Buy_gafencu_C SEED M1 4K 165 INCH TV

(Photo courtesy of C Seed)

The world’s first foldable 165″ Micro LED TV has been unveiled to the market this year, though it is accompanied with a similarly massive price tag. Austrian design firm C Seed is slapping a fat HK$3 million to this truly luxe gadget. Unfolding from underneath the floor panel of your own home and transforming your living space into your own personal home cinema, this mammoth of a television stands at a tall 7-feet featuring a 4-panel display with invisible boarders that blends each panel together to seamlessly deliver nonrestrictive displays.

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