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Trendy fashion accessories for the season!

Out from the shadows and into the light with these sparkling fashion accoutrements… It’s the festive season and we’ve put together a trendy edit of rings, earrings shoes, bags, perfumes – accessories which ensure you stand out at the ball! 

Make a major statement with the likes of Versace’s Greca small hoop earrings, classy jewellery by Bottega Veneta, Hermès’ Boucle Sellier bag and shades by Loewe, décolletage and accentuate the whiff around you with a dab of Twilly d’Hermès eau ginger by Hermès.


Look 1
Twilly d’Hermès eau ginger by Hermès

Gafencu_fashion_accessories_october_2021_versace hoop earrings

Look 2
Greca small hoop earrings by  Versace; L’Arriere-Main bangle by Hermès; Clic Clac H Guepards bracelet by Hermès; Clic Clac H Bijoux Trompe l’Oeil bracelet by Hermès; Chain necklace by Loewe 

Gafencu_fashion_accessories_october_2021_bottega Veneta rings

Look 3
Rings and stud earrings by Bottega Veneta

Gafencu_fashion_accessories_october_2021_Frayme medium shoulder bag by Stella McCartney   

Logo ring by Versace; Frayme medium shoulder bag by Stella McCartney   

Look 5
Dressage boots by Hermès


Look 6
Boucle Sellier bag by Hermès; Sunglasses by Loewe

Photographer: Jack Law Art Direction and Styling: Jhoshwa Ledesma
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