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Home Comforts: Gaia Group introduces fine-dining delivery service

While staying indoors and eating home food is the safest option – especially in times of a virus outbreak like the Coronavirus – our choices can get pretty repetitive. Fortunately, fine-dining fare can still be had in the comforts of your own home thanks to Gaia Group, with the restaurant company having just introduced its delivery service to bring you their tastiest cuisines to your doorstep.

Gaia Group

Allowing you to enjoy a great gastronomic experience without the need to venture forth outdoors, you can order from restaurants including the bastion of contemporary Chinese cuisine, Shè, the authentic Italian choice Velo and all the other outlets under the group. Best of all, you can place an order from different restaurants at the same time, just in case your family can’t agree on just one eatery.

Gaia Group

Since debuting in 2000, Gaia Group has seen continuous, significant success across the years – not just in Hong Kong but in Shanghai, Beijing, and Bangkok too. Known for strategically planning, keen awareness of consumer tastes and adapting to the market, the launch of this new service shows the way the group successfully keeps up with the changing time and scenario.

Gaia Group

Fill in the form to place your order or WhatsApp (852) 9877 2635 or (852) 6056 8505. Moreover, you can get a free delivery when you purchase for HK$1,000 or more.

If you have any further queries please contact Gaia Group via email –

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