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Chopard highlights rare gemstones

The recent Paris Couture Week was the chosen venue for renowned haute joaillerie house Chopard to unveil its stunning new Bijouterie Collection, which featured some truly arresting gemstones that wowed the crowed for all the right reasons.


Chopard’s new collection debuted several rare solitaires for the very first time, among which the highlight was undoubtedly a 21.04 carat unheated sapphire. Pear-shaped pigeon’s blood ruby, Colombian emeralds and more exceptional stones were also on display. Another stunning stone came in the form of a dark grey greenish yellow diamond – referred to as Chameleon for its ability to change colours.


According to Caroline Scheufele, the Co-President and Artistic Director of the fashion house, revealing the beauty of these fine stones is “a jeweller’s true vocation.” Likewise, all the pieces in the array of ornaments were crafted in such a way that the allure of all these one-of-a-kind gemstones became the main focus – a perfect showcase of Chopard’s flawless craftsmanship and its growth.

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