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Gold Calling: Customisable gold-plated iPhone 11 Pros from Gold Infinity

Luxury brand Gold Infinity has created quite a reputation for taking everyday accessories like watches and phones and transforming them into sparkling statement pieces, thanks to its much-lauded 24K gold-plating craftsmanship skills.

Gold Infinity iPhone 11 Pro showcase

The latest luxury products to get this gold-toned treatment are Apple’s newly-launched iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Unlike more plebian offerings that are accented with gold-coloured paint, Gold Infinity’s unique designs see the high-end phones entirely encased in a layer of pure 24K gold.

Gold Infinity iPhone 11 Pro 3

What’s more, lucky buyers can even opt to customise these eye-catching designs to match with their own personalities. Those looking for a more outré accentuation can opt to have their chosen phone set with diamonds or other precious gemstones, while tech fans in search of a little emotional personalisation can opt for their choice of engraved images or wordings on the back case. If you’re in search of a more subtle approach, there’s even a more muted black iPhone 11 Pro fitted with elegant crocodile leather.

Gold Infinity iPhone 11 Pro 2

If you have a particular design in mind – be it these beautiful iPhone 11 Pro creations or other luxury accessories – talk to the experts at Gold Infinity by visiting now.

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