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Haute Couture Handbags: Make every receptacle a fashion spectacle

It’s no secret that well-chosen haute couture handbags can completely transform any outfit from a run-of-the-mill look into true fashion statements. What’s more, the judicious addition of a silky scarf – be it boldly printed or demurely nude-toned – can enhance your image even further. If you’re at a loss on exactly how to pair these high-end accessories, simply check out our carefully curated selection below.

Haute Couture Handbags - 1

Look 1

  1. Scarf by Prada
  2. Mini Chloé bag by Chloé
  3. Aby Lock bag by Chloé
  4. Spider Jewelled satchel bag with Swarovski crystals by Alexander McQueen

Haute Couture Handbags - 2

Look 2

  1. Blue patterned scarf by Moncler
  2. Paris Postal limited-edition bag by Loewe
  3. Jewel-printed scarf by Chopard
  4. Nylon shoulder-bag by Prada
  5. Polka dot scarf by Chopard

Haute Couture Handbags - 3

Look 3

  1. Scarf by Versace
  2. Janelle bag in water-snakeskin by Bally
  3. East / West tri-colour bag by Strathberry
  4. Whip shoulder-bag by Givenchy

Haute Couture Handbags - 4

Look 4

  1. Scarf by Loewe
  2. Ferragamo Boxyz bag by Salvatore Ferragamo
  3. Large Icon handbag by Versace

Haute Couture Handbags - 5

Look 5

  1. Scarf by Hermès
  2. Mini Lindy leather bag by Hermès
  3. Kelly Danse II bag by Hermès

Haute Couture Handbags - 6

Look 6

  1. 30 Montaigne Dior Oblique bag by Dior
  2. Janelle transparent bag by Bally
  3. Scarf by Dior

Photos: Jack Law
Art Direction & Styling: San Wong


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