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Sleep Tight

There’s no question that good beds promote good sleep, and lots of it. But, in the case of one innovative new model that’s about to debut – the HiBed Canopy Smart Bed – that’s definitely not the only thing it does by a long shot.


Indeed, if the promotional literature is to be believed, it affords users a one-stop solution for your holistic health, wellness and entertainment needs. To break that down, it comes fitted with health tracking technology that monitors your sleep without the need for any wearable devices, and offers tips on how to increase your daily productivity. The cocoon-like design is also fitted with a pull-out desk, reading lights and below-bed lights – perfect for those midnight trips to the bathroom.

What’s more, the canopied bed is also equipped with an entertainment system – thereby negating the need for a separate TV in your bedroom – from which you can watch the latest Netflix series or listen to your favourite tunes. Created by Hi-Interiors, an Italian start-up that sees itself as the “early explorers of the Internet of Furniture”, this high-tech bed truly does seem like an all-in-one design. Then again, for US$40,077, it had better be.

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