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Home Tour: Inside a luxurious 3,000sq.ft Mid-levels duplex

Spanning a stunning 3,000sq.ft over two storeys, Gafencu recently toured this newly renovated Mid-Levels property on the lush hillside of Bowen Road. Step inside this peaceful retreat and within minutes you forget that it’s right above the bustling Central district. Similarly sized apartments in the area are priced at a whopping HK$45 million to HK$50 million – scroll below for a tour of this idyllic abode. 

Home_Tour_Inside_luxurious_3,000sq.ft_Mid-levels _duplex_gafencu_my-space_interior_design_living-room-1

Home Inspiration

The inspiration for the revamped abode, according to designer Leslie Lam, co-founder of Primocasa Interiors, was led by art and functionality. “The homeowners wanted to decorate the property with natural elements and a touch of luxury and artistry,” he says. “They are huge art enthusiasts and are big on collecting Be@rbricks – the designer figures – so from the start it was understood that space had to be created to highlight these collections.”

Home_Tour_Inside_luxurious_3,000sq.ft_Mid-levels _duplex_gafencu_my-space_interior_design_art

This brief was amply executed given the beautifully crafted cabinets and shelving units designed by Lam and his team throughout the home. Dark walnut wood and gold trimmings dress these features serving both a sumptuously elegant and functional purpose, a philosophy that Lam is a strong proponent of. Especially since the owners, are parents to a newborn baby, functionality was indeed a definite necessity.

Design Challenges

Expanding the available space proved especially challenging when redesigning the property. What was originally two apartments, one above the other, was merged into a duplex connected by a set of winder stairs. The most complex part of the renovation was surely enlarging an entire level with a higher ceiling. “The ceiling was a challenge during the renovation as they were really low – only about 2.2m – which is unusual even for an apartment,” explains Lam. “This is because it had a lot of beams and air conditioning installed overhead, so my team and I had to tear them down and – in the case of the living room – tear the floor up, to heighten the vertical space of the upper level.”

Home_Tour_Inside_luxurious_3,000sq.ft_Mid-levels _duplex_gafencu_my-space_interior_design_foyer (2)

Special Features

In the foyer, we are greeted with a panel of wooden strips designed to symbolise a walk in the forest – peeking through tree branches. A warm welcome into the living room is realised through an array of dark walnut-wood on the display shelves and a modern electric-powered fireplace which, given the Hong Kong weather, serves more as a statement piece than a heater. The colours and the fabrics of the sofa and armchairs, custom made by Lam and his team, also provide a vibrant contrast to the home’s more robust wooden elements.

Home_Tour_Inside_luxurious_3,000sq.ft_Mid-levels _duplex_gafencu_my-space_interior_design_living-room

While this room is a bright, convivial space to lounge in, thanks to the natural light that spills in from a balcony framing breathtaking views of Victoria Peak, each space in the home features its own dedicated lighting design. For instance, positioned just behind the sofa, an outstanding sculptural wall lamp from Giopato & Coombes imparts gravitas and charm.


The bar area, nestled between a comfortable breakfast nook and the dining area, first catches the eye for its glowing ambient light. This creates a halo effect, highlighting the etched surface of the sumptuous dark walnut wood drawers that are lined with gold trimmings and accentuated with bronze handles that resemble the tips of branches.

Home_Tour_Inside_luxurious_3,000sq.ft_Mid-levels _duplex_gafencu_my-space_interior_design_dining

As for the dining area, it is modestly lit by a contemporary pendant light above a grand hardwood dining table top. The latter was painstakingly custom-designed by the firm. “It took several weeks to source and customise, given the owners’ preference of wood, style and size, which proved no easy feat in Hong Kong,” notes Lam. Their creative determination gave birth to a stunning table with a subtle curve that replicates the natural silhouette of bark. Throughout the entire top floor, Philips Hue white and coloured downlights are installed into the ceiling. This provides a flexible system, allowing the owners to control the hue and brightness of each zone via their smartphones and set the ambience to suit their mood.

Home_Tour_Inside_luxurious_3,000sq.ft_Mid-levels _duplex_gafencu_my-space_interior_design_stairs

Moving to the more intimate area of the home, arriving first at the top of the built-in stairs, the walls are lined with a delicately hand-painted wall of bonsai trees illuminated by a set of wall lamps in the shape of birds taking flight. Below, the layout of the lower level comprises of an expansive master suite and two children’s bedrooms. Situating these rooms below the main living area was a deliberate move spurred by the home acoustics: sleep here is less likely to be disturbed by noise.

Home_Tour_Inside_luxurious_3,000sq.ft_Mid-levels _duplex_gafencu_my-space_interior_design_bedroom

The master bedroom suite, in contrast to the warmer features of the living room and foyer, exudes a lighter and more airy atmosphere. Natural elements are seen in the floral-patterned carpeted floor, cream walls and décor. The chamber is sectioned by vertical paneling that make the bed the focal point of the room, bringing attention to the custom-designed, sphere-shaped suspended light that further elevates the space.

Home_Tour_Inside_luxurious_3,000sq.ft_Mid-levels _duplex_gafencu_my-space_interior_design_vanity

Down the hall, a walk-in closet-cum-powder room stows away a space dedicated to the lady of the house, spotlighting a luxe vanity table flanked by shelves that provide safe harbour to an immaculate collection of designer handbags. Meanwhile, the en-suite bathroom – dressed in white marble and gold trims – serves as a relaxing retreat for the couple, fitted with his-and-hers sinks, a free-standing shower and a modestly sized bathtub. The lighting here is designed with a dimming feature that creates a more discreet sanctuary if the couple so chooses.

Home_Tour_Inside_luxurious_3,000sq.ft_Mid-levels _duplex_gafencu_my-space_interior_design_bathroom

Altogether, the two-storey apartment, drawn from the inherent beauty of Mother Nature, showcases a sophisticated balance between comfort and luxe.

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(Text: Roberliza Eugenio; Photos: Primocasa Interiors Limited)
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